2018 Toyota Hilux Tonka Specs, Price

It is not uncommon for car companies to come up with experimental concept models and later make a production worthy version. That is the case with Toyota Motors, as it is evident. The Australian wing of Toyota has come up with a production ready version of its much touted HiLux-based Tonka truck. The HiLux Tonka Concept was unveiled at Sydney and the event generated a lot of buzz. Building on the massive success of Toyota HiLux, one of the popular vehicles in Australia, the 2018 Toyota Hilux Tonka aims to woo buyers who want stylish pickups that come up with lots of amenities and has capacity to conquer off-roads.

2018 Toyota Hilux Tonka - front

2018 Toyota Hilux Tonka – Exterior Body Changes and Interior Cabin Design

Nicolas Hogios, design chief for Tonka Concept product said the company has taken the Tonka toy as inspiration and implemented the design on the Hilux pickup. The bright yellow and black color scheme is something you cannot ignore- even if you do not like it. The words Tonka and Hilux are imprinted on hood and body. The massive grille has the familiar Toyota logo in the middle. The hood has air inlet scoops and the truck has plenty of carbon fiber on its exterior.

It gets LED light bars on roof pod which give it a futuristic and space age look. At the back there is integrated spoiler and carbon-fibre tailgate. The huge fender flares ensure the tires do not get covered by mud and dirt easily. Overall build quality is robust- unlike many concept vehicles. The cabin details are not clear at this point but it is expected to be quiet stylish and practically designed.

2018 Toyota Hilux Tonka – Modifications in the Engine

Inside the bonnet of 2018 Toyota HiLux Tonka sits a powerful 2.8-litre turbo-diesel engine. Toyota has made some notable changes in chassis and suspension system of this vehicle. The ride height has been increased by the company by six inches and it also gets off-road ready tires. Toyota has also deployed a bashplate to safeguard engine when conquering rocky terrains.

The Toyota Hilux Tonka 2018 also gets four-wheel disc brakes and electronic park brake. Its heavy duty King Springs and remote reservoir shocks ensure easy ride on varying terrains. The removable tubular frame ensures diesel fuel cans stay in place. Not much is known about real world fuel economy figures but Toyota may try to enhance the mileage.

2018 Toyota Hilux Tonka - interior


The 2018 Toyota HiLux Tonka is expected to be laden with plenty of safety features and modern amenities, found in rival trucks. So you can expect a lot of airbags, stability control, traction control, rearview camera and more advanced features. The truck may be equipped with newest edition of Toyota’s Infotainment system and features like automated climate control are likely to be there.

2018 Toyota Hilux Tonka - rear

2018 Toyota Hilux Tonka – Price and Availability

Sadly nothing is known about the pricing and release date of the 2018 Toyota HiLux Tonka. Toyota has no plan to commence production anytime soon though it unveiled the vehicle in the same year that marks the company’s 80th anniversary. It will be shown in upcoming car show and company events though.

There is no denying the reality that 2018 Toyota HiLux Tonka is an interesting vehicle. It is close to production stage but the final nod has not come from Toyota yet. The truck has eye catching exterior styling and the powertrain used is a tried and tested one. Not much is known about the cabin but it is expected to be rugged and stylish as well. Toyota has paid attention to make the vehicle robust and off road capable. If the final model is priced reasonably, Toyota will have a weapon to take on rivals like Ford F-150 Raptor or Nissan Titan Warrior.

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