A Dream or Reality – Pickup Truck is the Next Vehicle by Audi

These are the old rumors, but we can keep dreaming. The German carmaker is not giving up and the Audi truck will be one of the pioneers in the premium segment. Well, other carmakers are also thinking about the same move, but the sales predictions are the major concerns. Premium vehicles in other classes are achieving much worse results. Some truckmakers also offer luxury versions of their pickups, but sales are not the greatest either.

The biggest reason why Audi truck could be in production soon is the arrival of the Mercedes X-Class. Well, we already got used to innovations by the three-point badge. However, this time even the big Mercedes needed a hand – the X-Class is based on the Nissan Navara (Frontier). Information about Audi pickup and BMW truck appeared soon after the X-Class and now the hints are stronger and stronger.

audi truck concept

Is There a Market for the Luxury Truck?

This is the main question. Our opinion is yes. But, the development of the new vehicle is very expensive. So, carmakers could launch the premium edition of their existing trucks. For example, Lexus truck would be based on Toyota Tacoma/Tundra, Cadillac Escalade EXT has a sibling in SUV category and the entire fleet of GM trucks, while the Lincoln is Ford’s premium branch and the possible Mark LT has the best possible support in F-150. Audi and BMW need to build an all-new pickup. The architecture they use for their big SUVs is just not good enough for US truckers.

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Audi Truck vs BMW Pickup

Two German carmakers are realizing the third big player from this country is a step ahead. The cooperation with Nissan brings the X-Class. However, if there are no badges, you wouldn’t say this is Mercedes. The level of luxury is far away from the level we used to see. On the other hand, this move will push both Audi and BMW into the new market. Like for most other classes, the intelligence services will keep their string in other companies, and the arrival of the pickup truck by either carmaker will mean the other one is on the way as well.

audi truck vs bmw pickup

Audi Truck Concept

The newest SUV, Audi Q8 is warming up stories about the new arrivals. Pickup could be based on the big vehicle and this has some sense. Audi truck will probably be the mid-size sporty model. We don’t worry about the interior, drivetrains, and features. But, the exterior design and solutions are segments where Audi is not experienced. So, like Mercedes, the carmaker could find the company which can help them enter the segment. Engineers and designers will find the way to create their own model and platform if the interest reaches an acceptable level.

audi truck could be based on the Q8 suv
Audi truck could be based on the Q8 SUV

When Will Audi Pickup be Available?

While we can predict some other things about the Audi truck, the release date is a complete mystery. The company could bring some prototype based on the Q8 tomorrow. On the other hand, we can wait for two or three years. Finally, the Audi pickup is just a rumor and it could never enter the production. Many things will depend on the performance of the X-Class and its reception by the market.

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