Is the 2020 Ford Super Chief What You Expected from This Concept?

2020 Ford Super Chief

It is now an old concept. However, the Super Chief is still a futuristic platform. Initially planned as a three-fuel truck, it seems the production model is not fulfilling first intentions. When it enters the production, very probably as 2020 Ford Super Chief, it will likely be hybrid, rather than a pickup that uses petrol, … Read more

2019 Ford Super Chief Release Date and Tri-Fuel Engine

2019 Ford Super Chief preview

There is a high possibility that we will see the 2019 Ford Super Chief in production. This concept is present for a while, but o truck on streets is rolling using this platform. Nevertheless, there are few uncertain things about the heavy-duty vehicle. So far, we believed that the Super Chief is built on F-250 … Read more

Ford Super Chief 2017 Price, Specs

Ford Super Chief 2017 front

Ford vehicles have unique concepts implemented in them and the Ford Super Chief 2017 is nothing different. Though the base concept is from Ford F-250 pickup truck, the outer and internal designs are unique and in a sense legendary as well. Ford Super Chief 2017 – Features Design and Technology: Aggressive looks are the main … Read more