2017 Audi Pickup Truck Concept Design

Luxury pickup segment is a new niche in global automobile industry but more and more contenders are jumping on the bandwagon with time. With giants like BMW and Mercedes-Benz likely to bring out their models, can VW be far behind! The VW Amarok is already well known but now they want to bring out one with the Audi badging. The rumors of a 2017 Audi Pickup Truck based on VW Amarok and Audi Q7 SUV have been doing the rounds for quite some time. While Audi has not said anything officially, the company has not denied the possibility either. The possible rendering of Audi Pickup concept has also appeared online.

2017 Audi Pickup Truck front

2017 Audi Pickup Truck Concept – Exterior and Interior Design:

Most likely the upcoming Audi Pickup truck concept will be based on the framework used in the venerable VW Amarok. Elements taken from Audi Q7 are also likely to be there. This conjures up an image of a truck with sedan and SUV like curves and some sharp lines on its body. The familiar Audi hexagonal grille and logo are likely to be used too. Rugged all-terrain tires can be used as well. LED based lamps are expected at rear and front.

Any car from Audi stable comes with near flawless interior replete with up class materials. The upcoming Audi pickup truck is not going to be an exception. You may expect premium leather wrapped seats with options for heating, wooden trims, ambient lighting, dual zone climate control etc. The much touted MMI infotainment system of Audi can be present.

2017 Audi Pickup Truck interior

2017 Audi Pickup Truck Concept – Engine Options:

It is not known which powertrain will be used in the Audi pickup truck. But the 3.0-liter TDI V-6 engine used in Amarok may be used in it too. It may be tweaked to offer more than 221 hp.  The 3.0-liter TFSI gasoline V6 used in 2017 Q7 may be used too. Audi’s Quattro AWD system is likely to be used.


Latest safety and infotainment features are expected to be offered in the 2017 Audi Pickup Truck. It may be offered with hill descent control, traction control, Blind spot monitoring, rearview mirror, and lane keep assist. Trailer sway control may also be present.

2017 Audi Pickup Truck rear

2017 Audi Pickup Truck Concept – Expected Date of Arrival and Price:

The upcoming 2017 Audi Pickup Truck may be priced around $50,000. Its release date remains obscure.

Whenever the Audi pickup truck arrives, it will face some competition from the Mercedes pickup and Tesla truck. It is not aimed at hardcore off-roaders but the elite lot who want a capable vehicle for rough terrain driving would embrace it.

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