2019 – 2020 Best New Trucks: Buying Guides

Trucks will steal the show in the next couple of seasons. After crossover and SUV domination in past years, in 2019 we will see new generations of the leading full-size trucks. Its heavy-duty siblings will follow these steps shortly after. Meanwhile, mid-size pickups are becoming popular again, so we could see comebacks of models that used to be very popular in the past.

All truckmakers are developing new models. This is the most profitable segment in the automotive industry. So, there is no surprise why we are seeing updates so often. Here is an ultimate buying guide – what to expect from your favorite nameplate and when, which are the best versions to buy, and how much should it cost.

2019 2020 trucks

2019 Ford F-150 Enters The New Generation, Launches Diesel

Category: full-size truck

If you were waiting for the Ford F-150 Diesel to come, here it is. However, you should wait for a bit until dealerships put it in their offer. Powerstroke is under the hood and the 2019 Ford F-150 will produce around 250 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque.

If there is no a model that suits your preferences, be steady, since the carmaker will launch few limited editions during 2019 and 2020, including Lightning model. In future, this legendary truck will get a hybrid version.

Price: $29,000 Base, $62,000 Limited, Diesel TBA

2019 Ford F-150 Lightning - front

The Comeback – 2019 Ford Ranger is Out, We Are Waiting for Raptor

Category: mid-size pickup

After years of waiting, the 2019 Ford Ranger is finally back. The lineup is now complete by filling the empty spot in a mid-size segment. Whatsoever, ahead of a Ranger is a big fight – with rival trucks and SUVs. That is the main reason why we believe the Raptor version must come as well to the US market. The European version has debuted, and the next premiere should be overseas. Unfortunately, the company will probably launch it as 2020 Ford Ranger Raptor. As for the F-150, Ford will certainly add a hybrid drivetrain in the future.

Price: from $24,500

2020 Ford Super Duty – New Generation, Super Chief is Coming

Category: heavy-duty trucks

The new 2020 Ford Super Duty trucks were spotted on streets. After 2019 Ford F-150, this segment is also entering the new generation. Be sure to check major car shows in 2019 to see updates about Ford F-250 and F-350. Their dually configurations are getting a boost, and the company wants to improve the torque outputs of the huge Powerstroke units. Also, some rumors are saying the new Super Duty trucks could use a 7.0-liter engine. Chances are tiny, but we can never be sure with this truckmaker.

Also, the biggest addition to the lineup should be Super Chief model. This concept was based on the F-250 pickup, but it seems like it will enter production built on F-350. Well, changes are minor, and we still need an official confirmation.

Release Date: TBA

2019 Ford F-350 super chief

2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 Adds Few Trim Levels

Category: full-size truck

Besides the new diesel engine for the upcoming 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500, the fifth generation of F-150’s archrival added a couple of trim levels. The biggest spectacle was the presentation of the Silverado 1500 Trail Boss. However, the pickup will offer a lot of choices and options for building, from base to premium High Country version.

Price: Base $30,000; High Country $55,000; diesel – TBA

Available: late in 2018

2019 Chevrolet Silverado Chassis Cab Back in the Game

Category: chassis cab trucks

Chassis cab segment of Chevy trucks had a break. Now, these vehicles are returning for next season. The company already announced pricing for them, and these commercial trucks will cost from $49,000. The lineup is fresh, with 4500HD, 5500HD, and 6500HD models in the offer. All versions are carrying a 6.6-l Duramax diesel engine. Maximum towing capacity is just shy of 23,000 pounds. Buyers will also choose between 2WD and 4WD models.

Prices: Silverado 4500 – $49,000; Silverado 5500 – $52,000; Silverado 6500 – $55,000

Special Off-Road Model In 2019, Facelift is Waiting for 2020 Chevy Colorado

Category: mid-size truck

Colorado is the best mid-size truck in the market. But, now it must be better. The arrival of the Ford Ranger puts it into an uncomfortable position. New rivals are unpredictable and the GM needed a response. In 2019, we will see a minor refresh. A special version of the ZR2 model will be presented. The 2019 Chevy Colorado Bison brings unique setup and parts for the more extreme situation.

The facelift of the 2020 Chevrolet Colorado is the last bigger update before the truck hits the new generation. Details about it are not available yet.

2019 Colorado ZR2 Bison release date: January 2019; price – TBA

Next-Gen Chevy Colorado: 2022

2020 Chevy Colorado ZR2 concept

2019 Ram 1500 – A Surprise of The Season

Category: full-size truck

Ford F-150 is the best-selling truck. There are no doubts the company will cement this position in 2019. But, the 2019 Ram 1500 might overtake the second place from Silverado 1500 and get closer to #1 spot. Aggressive campaign and appetites of the FCA are showing this is the intention. But, it is not so easy to pull out. The new truck must prove itself, especially in a new segment – diesel pickups.

On the other hand, the 2019 Ram 1500 will be the first hybrid truck. That is a huge step, although this is just a mild-variant that boosts fuel economy for 1-2 mpg. As for its rivals, we will have to wait until the end of the year to see a complete lineup and pricing for the pickup.

Price: from $31,500

High-End Model: 2019 Ram 1500 Limited

2019 Nissan Titan and 2019 Nissan Titan XD to Get a Refresh

Category: full-size / heavy-duty trucks

No big changes are happening in Titan and Titan XD lineup. Nissan is focused on moving its production to new plants. The company will produce a part of its vehicles for North America on the US soil. New plants are in Mississippi. There, future 2019 Nissan Titan will come out the production lines. A major update is coming for 2020 and 2021 models. The biggest change could be a V-6 engine for a full-size model.

Release date: TBA

Price: $31,000; Titan XD $35,000

2019 Nissan Titan Nismo

2019 Nissan Frontier Feature Updates

Category: mid-size truck

The new 2019 Nissan Frontier is not bringing excitement. The interior is getting an update with more modern features. All other remains the same. Frontier is the cheapest truck available to buy in the US. It costs under $20,000. However, that is a weak version with a four-cylinder engine. Also, its interior is pretty plain for that price. A V6 drivetrain and additional package raise the cost to $25,000 and that is the model which can compete with rivals. The arrival of the Ford Ranger will definitely make the company think forward and prepare surprises for 2020.

Price: under $20,000 (cheapest model in class)

Delay in 2019… 2020 Toyota Tundra Diesel – Finally!?

Category: full-size truck

Huge expectations were on Toyota and its new diesel engine for Tundra pickup truck. But, the company failed to deliver and disappointed all fans in the US. All competitors are now offering a diesel drivetrain for their full-size pickups. So, there is no chance the Japanese company will fail again. First of all, many diesel fans will search for such drivetrain elsewhere. Second, it would harm Toyota’s reputation. Finally, all these factors will slow down sales, and truckmaker would eventually lose the battle in the full-size segment. So, that is why we are so sure the 2020 Toyota Tundra Diesel is coming.

Release date: in 2019

2020 Toyota Tundra diesel v8

2020 Toyota Tacoma Upgrades TRD Pro Package

Category: mid-size truck

The highlight of the current Tacoma is its high-end TRD Pro version. It is not a luxury truck, but the true off-road 4×4 beast. This set of features (suspension, brakes, shocks) is available for Tundra and 4Runner SUV also. These two are not improving performances as for small pickup. The 2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro will be even tougher with special colors and features inside the cabin. Besides this, the vehicle could get a diesel powertrain as its bigger sibling Tundra.

Price: $25,000; TRD Pro – $45,000.

2019 Honda Ridgeline – Can We Expect Type R?

Category: performance truck

A lot of speculations are surrounding 2019 Honda Ridgeline. The loudest is about the Type R model. A performance-oriented truck is not so popular segment nowadays. However, Honda was always special and innovative. It is not impossible to make such a vehicle, but is it profitable? The Japanese carmaker will try to draw attention to this model. It could arrive during 2019 as the 2020 season vehicle. All in all, it will be the greatest refresh for the upcoming year. A base version of 2019 Honda Ridgeline is coming unchanged.

Price: unknown

2019 Honda Ridgeline Type R front

Concepts Becoming Reality

Category: concept trucks

How many times has a concept truck drawn your attention? A really low percentage of vehicles find their way to production. We already have a few possible arrivals, besides already mentioned Ford Super Chief. The FCA is giving hints about Ram Rebel TRX with a supercharged Hemi engine and 707 hp. Chevrolet is testing ZR2 off-road model for its full-size Silverado. Nissan Titan Warrior could be a special version of Titan XD.


Again, the return of the Ford Ranger is making other companies to speed up productions in all segments and classes. But then, there is always room for rumors to spin. One of them is a comeback of two legends. One is 2019 Dodge Dakota. It would take a position in the mid-size segment of FCA lineup. Also, this company produces Fiat Fullback, so this is another option. A rebadging is a further possibility.

Another truck we could see again soon is 2019 Chevy Avalanche. When we take a look at the lineup, we see there is no empty spot for this model. But again, gossips are so loud and confident, we cannot rubbish them off. Fans of the Avalanche pickup are eagerly waiting for an official update. At this point, we can hear anything from Chevrolet and GM.