Where is The Fall Guy Truck Today?

While waiting for the 2024 movie and adaptation of the TV show from 1980s, let’s check what happened with The Fall Guy truck. This vehicle is another star of the series, besides main protagonists, Lee Majors as Colt Seavers and Heather Thomas as Jody Banks.

But, before we answer the question, let’s check what the Seavers was driving. The show was on air for six years. The total of 112 episodes were shown. It is hard to expect to see the same truck in every of them, especially with so many stunts. Flying through the air was a trademark move during chases and the thing why The Fall Guy truck became so interesting.

In the beginning, Seavers drove the GMC K25 from 1980 and with the 4×4 drive. As the TV show was getting more and more popular, the time was for the new edition – the 1982 YM and the upgraded package. Later on, the truck was replaced with the GMC K 2500 Sierra Grande Wideside.

The Fall Guy Truck

Now, to keep track of those vehicles is not so easy. The company, 20th Century, was using stunt trucks for scenes and a lot of them were damaged and sold immediately. Only a few survived. One of them was auctioned on eBay more than 20 years ago. It is also interesting to see fans modifying their rides nowadays to replicate The Fall Guy truck. Enthusiasts from the Vincennes University Auto Club built a cool replica and sold it for $50,000 a few years ago.

About the Show

The Fall Guy is not a classic detective series. The main protagonist is the stunt performer, Colt Seavers, who also works as the bounty hunter. Skills for stunts are welcome when chasing criminals and capturing them. Jody and Kid are co-stars, but we can say that the truck is another star of the show. With so much time hanged in the air, the GMC pickup drew a lot of attention and became an iconic vehicle. The popularity is still there and the best indicator are the sales of replicas.

The Fall Guy Truck gmc

The Fall Guy Truck in 2024

The movie based on the TV series is coming out in 2024. This time, starring Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt. We won’t unveil the plot. Also, we still don’t know what pickup will be the star this time. GMC Sierra 2500 is too big today for similar stunts. A smaller Canyon with AT4x package can go anywhere.

Or, if the filmmakers decide to change things, we have a few favorites. Of course, Ram TRX is one of the meanest vehicles in the market, as well as the Ford Raptor R. But, those are too expensive. Ford Ranger might be retuned to introduce the Raptor package. It seems like a perfect fit. We doubt that The Fall Guy truck in 2024 will be a Japanese vehicle, no matter how Toyota’s pickups are popular, especially Tacoma. One thing is sure – it won’t be an electric truck.

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