Is it Time for the 2023 Lexus Truck?

2023 Lexus Truck concept

Lexus is the best-selling premium brand in the US. The parent company is Toyota, one of the leaders in the pickup segment. Add those two and it is not hard to get the point – the 2023 Lexus truck is the model fans will definitely like to see. A styling of the high-end branch, plus … Read more

2021 Lexus Truck Latest Rumors

2021 Lexus truck

It is not a joke. The 2021 Lexus Truck could really happen after the latest reports from the Japanese company. Lexus is trying to trademark the LX600 nameplate. According to previous knowledge, it can mean two things – the new SUV will either get a 600-hp rated engine or a 6.0 displacement. However, further speculations … Read more

Lexus LT Pickup Truck Is Not Happening

Lexus LT Pickup truck render

The Lexus LT Pickup Truck was an interesting concept when renders appeared nearly three years ago. As the years pass by, we are less confident that the concept will turn to the production model. Well, the parent company, Toyota, has to offer the concept for the Lexus LT, which would be the mid-size model with … Read more

Lexus Pickup Truck Concept Review

Lexus Pickup Truck Concept front

The Lexus Pickup Truck concept might be borrowed from Hilux brand, in that they share the company parent, Toyota. Toyota stands to be one company with reputable strong, reliable and high-performing vehicles. One of the expectation of Lexus pickup truck is a neat match between Hilux and Lexus LX 570. As both double and single cab, … Read more