2017 Holden Colorado Review, Z71, Specs

The new 2017 Holden Colorado has gone through massive improvement to keep up with its every growing competitor. Holden engineers have spent thousands of hours designing and tuning the new truck to appeal its customer base who need a reliable truck for their line of work.

2017 Holden Colorado front

2017 Holden Colorado – Exterior and Interior Design:

The 2017 Holden Colorado has a very masculine and muscular build with an aggressive bumper design and a new pair of headlights. The highest spec, Z71, features black rims, black side mirrors, black door handles, and Z71 stickers on the bonnet and front seat.

Holden has made huge enhancements to the interior. The truck now has excellent quality material on the dashboard and door trim. The old and quirky infotainment system is no more, replaced with a brand new MyLink touchscreen that’s responsive and easy to use. The new infotainment system supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility.

The amount of legroom for the rear passengers has greatly improved also. Even with the front seat slid far back, tall passengers will still have ample knee and toe room to move about.

There’s still no rear AC/heater even on the top spec Z71, but with the strong front AC and heater on the front, you won’t need it.

2017 Holden Colorado interior

2017 Holden Colorado – Engine Specs:

The 2017 Holden Colorado uses a 4-cylinder 2.8-liter turbocharged diesel engine producing 147 kW of power @3600 rpm and 440 Nm of torque @2000 rpm for the six-speed manual gearbox or 500 Nm @2000 rpm for the six-speed automatic.

The payload is over 1000 kg across the lineups, with the 4×2 single cab can take about 1487 of payload. Braked towing capacity remains impressive at 3,500kg.

The 6-speed automatic gearbox makes the truck a whole lot of fun to drive. Yes, this is a utility truck that can carry families comfortably wherever you want to take them. The wind, tire, and engine noise are minimal. It’s a large improvement compared to the older model. Its top speed is a bit over 180 km/h, but you’re most likely not going to go that fast with your family on board.

The LTZ and Z71 come with a remote with a remote-start feature. You don’t have to be in the car to start the car. It’s a very handy feature during freezing winter months.

Fuel consumption is decent for a truck this size. You get 8.1-liter/100km, which translates to 12.35 km/liter or 29 mpg.


Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger remains to be worthy competitors to the new Holden Colorado 2017 since the three covers the same segment.

A fair comparison can be made for the Colorado LTZ, Toyota HiLux SR5, and Ford Ranger XLT with the three having roughly the same market price. The tough look of the Ford Ranger XLT is quite something. It’s too bad it’s not matched by its long-term durability which is weird for something used as a workhorse.

The HiLux SR5, on the other hand, offers excellent interior and super comfortable driver’s seat. The ride comfort, however, remains shadowed by the new Holden.

2017 Holden Colorado rear

2017 Holden Colorado – Release Date and Price:

The new 2017 Holden Colorado is on sale September 1st, 2016. Price starts at 29,490 for the 4×2 single cab LS chassis while the top spec 4×4 Z71 is at a whopping $54,490.

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