2018 Great Wall Steed Changes, Price

The trick to owning a great pickup truck is to buy it from a reputable company. The Steed is Chinese automaker, Great Wall’s entry into the UK market. The 2018 Great Wall Steed is one of China’s largest automobile manufacturer, has turned its attention to the export markets. It is not that well-known a company, but in recent years it has delivered better and better vehicles. The Steed is one of Great Wall Motor’s minimal pickup trucks.

This compact pickup truck is sold around the world under a few different names. It is the European version, which has been around since 2006. It is expected to be lengthier to its previous model and feature improvement in the exterior and interior designs together with engine performances. According to the manufacturer, this all new pickup truck features new levels of styling, performance, safety and comfort.

2018 Great Wall Steed - front

2018 Great Wall Steed – External Body Parts and Inner Cosmetic Changes

Though the truck has been in the market for 10 years, its design is not expected to change much in the upcoming 2018 Steed. At the outside it is decorated with numerous white, titanium and ebony paint colors to give an attractive look. It holds a chrome trim on the hood, giving it a beautiful and masculine look.

The new LED lights that spread across the rear width of the car, especially the tail lights, the unique bumpers, and grille makes it look even more attractive. The car is fitted with 16-inch alloy wheels along with a complete sized emergency wheel, for the adventurers and off-road travelers.

These wheels also complement its aggressive curves. Its lighting systems include halogen headlamps, LED back lamps, front haze lamps and day lights. It is furnished with colour tinted side mirrors and a dim rearview mirror.

2018 Great Wall Steed - interior

2018 Great Wall Steed – Engine Specifications

Reports suggest that the upcoming 2018 Great Wall Steed is expected to have a very powerful engine that will enhance its performance. Buyers will have two choices of engines to choose from that can enable this car model to perform to the expected standards.

The first preference is the 2.0-litre direct injection turbo diesel (4×4) engine.  It can produces a power output of 305 Nm and 143 hp. This engine would also contain a Euro V emissions and a six-speed manual conduction.

The second alternative would be the 2.4-litres four-cylinder physically aspirated petrol (4×2) engine. It will give similar performance like its diesel counterpart. This engine will be paired with the standard five-speed transmission.

This model too is expected to have reliable fuel economy, similar to pickup trucks of the same generation. This truck will have a four-wheel drive system and a towing capability, similar to the 2017 model.


The inside of Great Wall Steed 2018 is outlined with exciting features like six airbags, ESP and the MP5 five-inch tint put on view. Also, its interior is spacious and a capacity of accommodating 5 passengers. High quality materials are used to make the seats comfortable and luxurious.

Other features include tire pressure monitoring system, steering mounted control, speed control, and weather managing devices. The 2018 Great Wall Steed will also have DVD screens or hinged trays or at the back of the front seats. The vehicle is also fitted with modern safety accessories like a brake back up, wall curtain airbags, Hill Climbing Assist Control and Electronic Brake Force Distribution.

2018 Great Wall Steed - side

2018 Great Wall Steed – Pricing and Release Date

In conclusion, the release date of 2018 Great Wall Steed is expected to made public after the release of the 2017 Great Wall Steed model and may cost in the range of $15,000 to $30,000.

Finally, the Steed offers decent specifications, attractive price and low residual value. Equipped with a range of new technology, giving it more appealing and incredible capabilities.

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