2018 RAM Rebel TRX Design, Price

The 2018 RAM Rebel TRX is, without any doubt, the best and the most powerful pick- up by RAM. The Rebel TRX is nothing less than a dirt-kicking monster which has awesome off- road capabilities.

2018 RAM Rebel TRX - front

2018 RAM Rebel TRX – Stylish Exterior and Interior Design

As much as the 2018 RAM Rebel TRX is powerful, it does not compromise in the aesthetics also. The look of the pick- up is suave and chiselled. The Rebel TRX is different from any other pickup manufactured by RAM before. The grille at the front has been modified and looks very good and bears the name of the makers on it.

The headlamps also have been reshaped for the new launch and will complement the design of the grille. The bumpers have been manufactured in steel for the new model. This bumper design gives a boost to fenders and the overall aggressiveness of the pick- up is increased due to it.


The makers have ensured that not only the exterior is swanky of the Rebel TRX, but that the interiors will also give any other pick- up to a run for its money. The interiors will be done up in suede which will give a masculine yet elegant look.

The seats are specially made to be extra comfortable which means that even on rocky terrain the passengers will be completely at ease. To ensure that the passengers reach their destination correctly the 2018 Rebel TRX comes with an integrated and advanced GPS system. The infotainment system will have state- of- the art technology and all the features will be easily controllable from the touch buttons on the screen itself.

2018 RAM Rebel TRX - interior

2018 RAM Rebel TRX – Modification under the Hood

The engine in the 2018 Ram rebel TRX will be a V8 6.2-litres engine. It will be HEMI with an output torque rating of 525 hp. It is the Hellcat engine which has been modified to be used in the Ram Rebel TRX making it perfect for off-road driving. The power is enormous for this size of the truck.

This means that this engine will have the capability to carry heavy loads even at very high speeds. The 2018 Rebel TRX will be available in an all- wheel drive option. The suspension system will make even the off- road travelling a real pleasure in the RAM Rebel TRX.

2018 RAM Rebel TRX - interior

2018 RAM Rebel TRX – Availability and Price

Given the upgrades and modifications that have been carried out in the RAM Rebel TRX, there will be a definite price gap in the previous version and the soon to be launched version of the RAM Rebel TRX. The starting price of the 2018 RAM Rebel TRX is expected to be around $54000.

The launch date has not been officially announced by RAM but it should definitely come to entice all RAM Rebel lovers by the end of this year only. The only thing about the pricing is that some competing pick- ups are available for cheaper price. But the charm and aura of RAM Rebel TRX 2018 are unmatched by no other half- tonne pick- up.

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