2019 Fiat Fullback a.k.a new Dodge Dakota

The FCA owns both Fiat and Dodge nameplates. They are best known for ownership of the Ram trucks in the USA. That is the most profitable class of the carmaker. Outside North America, one of the most successful and most popular pickups is Fiat Fullback. In the Ram family, there is a spot in the compact segment. The 2019 Fiat Fullback would fit perfectly there to fight Ford Ranger. But, the FCA could opt for a different name for the same shell – Dodge Dakota.

Although the Dakota was discontinued because of the slow sales, it might return eventually. Ford set a challenge. The Blue Oval company brought back Ranger to the USA. Now, we will see how other companies are going to react. With or without it, the 2019 Fiat Fullback will appear in other countries where it is pretty popular. For example, buyers in Australia can expect even more interesting Fullback Cross model.

2019 Fiat Fullback

2019 Fiat Fullback USA Release Date

The FCA could eventually opt for the 2019 Fiat Fullback. But, even if they change their mind about the compact crossover, the company will have more success with Dodge badge. Well, some fans are still waiting for Dakota to come back.

On the other hand, the gap between mid-size and full-size trucks are closing. Also, some big crossovers can tow as much as small pickups. So, this is really a dying segment. Thanks to true fans it still exists. But, truckmakers will shift funds for development and research into more profitable classes. Half-ton and heavy-duty trucks are two segments where companies are earning the most. So, with uncertain future of compact trucks, we doubt that 2019 Fiat Fullback or 2019 Dodge Dakota could change their destiny.

2019 Fiat Fullback interior

2019 Fiat Fullback Specs

The international version of the 2019 Fiat Fullback will use a diesel drivetrain. In the US, these kinds of motors need tuning to meet the requirements and laws. The truck is going to use a 2.4-liter turbodiesel unit with the capability to produce 150 or 180 horses. Also, the 2019 Fullback will boost overall mileage over 45 mpg (imperial mileage). Well, the more powerful mill consumes more fuel. It will drop the rate to 40 mpg.

2019 Fiat Fullback Cross

The 2019 Fiat Fullback Cross will be top of the range model. Of course, it uses larger displacement and costs the most. But, buyers are happy to pay extra to get more from the pickup. The main difference between this and other versions is locking rear differential. With it, the Fullback Cross is more capable for an off-road drive. What’s more, the truck is getting a special cosmetic treatment to offer a sportier and aggressive look.

2019 Fiat Fullback cross

2019 Fiat Fullback Redesign and Features

For the upcoming season, the 2019 Fiat Fullback will suffer a redesign. However, the company will keep the main functions and features. This truck is very practical. Access to bed and cabin is easy. The downside is towing capacity. Compared to Nissan Navara and its 3,500 kg, the 2019 Fullback is short 400 kg. On the other hand, the advantage is a great maneuvering. The pickup needs just 12 meters for turning circle, which is best in class. We are sure some of these will be carried over to the new Dakota.

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