2019 Ford F-250 King Ranch Specs, Price

The upcoming 2019 Ford F-250 King Ranch was introduced last year and now everyone is waiting for final release. Ford presented their F series of Super Duty Trucks in late 2016. Because of the big competition, Ford is more than ready to keep up the pace with competitors. Ford F-250 King Ranch is an obvious answer. It’s clear as day that this heavy-duty truck will come on top against any other vehicle in this category.

Pickup truck market is one of the most competitive markets and Ford is trying to continue with upgrades and modifications in order to improve their trucks every year. If all speculations are true, then King Ranch model is taking a step ahead of everyone. Not only that, this F-250 truck might set some standards that other brands simply cannot follow at this time.

2019 Ford F-250 King Ranch - front

2019 Ford F-250 King Ranch – Appearance of Exterior and Interior

The 2019 F-250 is expected to retain the same body style and same trim levels. Compared to previous models, this King Ranch model is around 300 pounds lighter. Mostly because of slight changes in the aluminum body that are going to improve his performance notably.

The exterior looks more attractive, with some hard lines and shapes. The front grille is modified and the manufacturer is trying to improve King Ranch look with the blocky gaze. Clip-holes on the front grille are innovation, dual-nightclub graphics as well.

Furthermore, big credit goes to the new LED lightings system respectfully. New quad-ray front lights are coming with guided brightening and the extension of front lights are better than ever. Wheelbase remains the same like on the previous year model.


The upcoming 2019 Ford F-250 King Ranch is separated into three body categories. First one is “two-entryway taxicab”, the second one is “four entryway super cab”. The third one is a four-front crew cab.

Bed furniture is coming with 6.7-foot dimension. The manufacturer equipped new King Ranch with seven cameras. In that way, drivers will have much better insight while moving related trailers. As a matter of fact, four cameras are 360-degree see. One camera is connected to the back monitor. This observing system is made so the customers can easily reach all parts of the vehicle, especially trailers.

In order to facilitate driving, Ford installed blind territory following, critical braking, and versatile getaway journey control systems. All those features are putting Ford F-250 King Ranch on the top of Super Duty trucks.
The infotainment system is updated with SYNC 3 system and 8-inch feel-screen. In addition, all infotainment framework is improved and much easier to reach and understand.

2019 Ford F-250 King Ranch - interior

2019 Ford F-250 King Ranch – Engine Specifications

“Don’t change a winning team” is a sentence they take seriously in Ford. The manufacturer decided to hold the same engine as 2018 model. The 2019 F-250 King Ranch will use 6.2-liter V8 fuel engine that can produce up to 390 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. The engine is combined with 6-pace TorqShift-G transmission system. This system can channel energy to all tires simultaneously. The motor is paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

2019 Ford F-250 King Ranch - rear

2019 Ford F-250 King Ranch – Price and Release Date

The cost of newly 2019 Ford F-250 King Ranch will depend on trims. Based on that, the price is between $35,000 and $55,000. King Ranch is expected to hit the truck market at the very end of 2018. Many of us can see this model hitting the very top of the market. But 2019 Ford F-250 King Ranch is expected to have strong competition in Chevy Silverado 2500 HD and Ram 2500.

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