2019 Subaru Pickup Truck Changes, Price

The 2019 Subaru Pickup Truck coming soon. Competition in pickup truck segment is getting quite intense with time, as is evident from the newest developments. Along with some luxury car brands, those car makers who were not keen into this sector are now gearing up for launching their models. Subaru is not a known name in this sector but the rumors of the company launching a pickup are gaining strength.

While it is not as popular as home turf rivals like Nissan and Suzuki- it has been trying to strengthen customer base in most markets of late and so this move is logical. Given the fact off beat brands like Tesla are also keen on launching pickup models, Subaru may as well hop onto the bandwagon.

2019 Subaru Pickup Truck - front

2019 Subaru Pickup Truck – External Body Parts and Inner Cosmetic Changes

Not a lot is known on the upcoming 2019 Subaru Pickup Truck and the company has not said much on the topic. However, if it actually gets into production- the company may pick from some design possibilities. It may be worth mentioning that Subaru did venture into pickup sector briefly and that phase was not very successful. The not so popular Subaru Baja was sold only for a few years before the company decided to halt production.

It was modeled on the popular Outback crossover. If the truck is re-launched- the design similarities may exist. However, there exists a second possibility. The truck may also be based on the company’s much hyped VIZIV-7 concept. It was basically a SUV but a truck based on the model is not impossible. It may be unveiled in a few trims.

2019 Subaru Pickup Truck - interior

2019 Subaru Pickup Truck – Powerful Engine and Performance

It is not certain which powertrain may be deployed in the upcoming Subaru Pickup Truck. The experts think the engines may be taken from the company’s Impreza and Outback models. However, the model may be launched with a diesel engine. The possibility of a hybrid engine can be there. Nothing is known about the fuel economy. Towing capacity is going to be decent. It is not known if the model will have a special suspension or not.


It is likely that the upcoming 2019 Subaru Pickup Truck will be equipped with enough amenities. It will also get a lot of safety technologies. Also, it is a fact that the company has updated the safety tech in its existing models. A few safety technologies may be offered as option. The expected features include sunroof, dual zone climate control, ambient lighting, heated seats and steering wheel. Some packages may also be offered as options.

2019 Subaru Pickup Truck - side

2019 Subaru Pickup Truck – Price and Availability

Not much is known about the price of upcoming Subaru Pickup Truck 2019. The release time is also not known. However, it may get a price tag similar to midsized pickup models.

A lot of this are still not clear on the upcoming Subaru Pickup Truck. However, the possibility is there and the company may launch the model within a couple of years. The price should be kept reasonable since the competition is quite strong. It will lock horns with rivals like Nissan Frontier and Honda Ridgeline.

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  1. i’ve own 2003 baja turbo and its for keeps, I am waiting for a new one to come out to add on my subaru collections, my wife driving a 2011 outback 3.6r

  2. I currently have a 2009 Outback Sport and recently have the desire to drive a pickup for utility reasons. If the rumors are true and Subaru will sometime soon come out with one, I will be overjoyed! I love Subaru and hate to think about switching brands just to get a truck. I don’t need a full size truck but I will take it!

  3. I’ve had two Subaru Baja’s in the last 11 years. Both now drive better than new! I can hardly wait for the new Baja. Go AndyBaja


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