2021 Fiat Fullback Is Coming Back

After only three seasons Fiat decided to discontinue its important project called Fullback. But, the Italian company is not giving up on the pickup truck segment. The 2021 Fiat Fullback will come back in some form, and there are a few possibilities. But, let’s see why the carmaker ended its production.

As you know, Fiat is a part of a large corporation and one of the leading truckmakers in the USA – FCA. In cooperation with Mitsubishi, whose L200 served as the base, the company offered Fullback as a competitor to Nissan Navara and Toyota Hilux. But, frequent upgrades and constant development made the Italians cut this pickup from the production. Fullback was not competitive, although some predicted it will end up in the USA as the mid-size model. Instead, the FCA added Jeep Gladiator.

fiat fullback

The Return

Now, we hear that 2021 Fiat Fullback is not completely written off. The Italian manufacturer presented the new project – Mobi truck. This one is a vehicle for the South American market only. But, its relatives could be found in Mexico. The representative of the Italian company there is Ram 700. He Fullback could bring back the nameplate in other countries, mostly Europe and Asia. Now, with the cooperation with Mitsubishi ended, Fiat can compete against the Japanese truck.

Still, we don’t have too many details about the comeback. All we know is that Fullback found the way to the hearts of some buyers, which would like to see it back. Experts believe that Fiat is not giving up so easily on this project and that development will continue sooner or later. The market is huge and such a giant is not going to leave the profit to its rivals.

2021 Fiat Fullback as fiat mobi

Fiat Mobi Concept

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2021 Fiat Fullback Comes To USA?

We already mentioned the Jeep Gladiator. But, the FCA plans another mid-size pickup for the US market. There are a lot of rumors about Gladiator’s sibling. Dodge Dakota is one of them, and Ram Mojave is the latest speculation. But, the 2021 Fiat Fullback would be a huge surprise and something no one expected to see. With a new nameplate and old habits, the FCA could stun its main rivals – Ford Ranger, Toyota Tacoma, and Chevy Colorado.

2021 Fiat mobi

Photo credits: TopSpeed

What if 2021 Fiat Fullback Doesn’t Happen?

There are many questions that don’t have answers yet. Of course, bosses of the Italian company are not going to unveil the plans for the 2021 Fiat Fullback and its comeback. But, it would be a shame if this truck doesn’t get a new chance. The appearance of the Mobi pickup is good and bad for Fullback. It shows the intention of the manufacturer to fight. On the other hand, is seems like Mobi is an all-new project with a different approach. At this point, we believe it will replace Fullback.

What needs to be improved? Well, mostly everything. The pickup was affordable, and that was its major advantage. But, everything else was cheap. The 2021 Fiat Fullback needs to improve efficiency, which is the biggest expense for the truckmaker. If they decide to do it, we can expect to see the all-new truck, more competitive to Isuzu D-Max and Mitsubishi L200.

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