2021 Ford Ranger Hybrid – New Details Leaked

The 2021 Ford Ranger Hybrid is becoming real. We’ve been hearing a lot of things about the truck with a new kind of drivetrain. But, we thought the hybrid edition is reserved for the flagship F-150. Instead, Ford will work on the smaller Ranger and its electric powerplant. The latest reports are suggesting that the production of the first hybrid pickup could start in mid-2021.

Now, when the Tesla Cybertruck is out, all other leading manufacturers will work on more efficient and greener sources of power for their pickups. General Motors is launching the Hummer very soon. There are a few other startup projects that can get into production soon. But, what about the hybrid trucks?

2021 Ford Ranger Hybrid price

2021 Ford Ranger Hybrid: Expectations

There are a lot of rumors about hybrid pickups coming from Ford, GM, Toyota… But, nothing happened yet. The future of mid-size models was questionable with the rise of versatile SUVs. The only thing that made trucks different is their towing capacity and ability to work. Hybrid technology is still new. It improves outputs and enhances gas mileage. But, when the system is powerful enough to improve the power and towing potential, it is very cheap as well. That’s why companies are still doubtful about such vehicles.

The 2021 Ford Ranger Hybrid might change attitude because of a few reasons. The technology evolved and became slightly cheaper. The new Lincoln Aviator (Ford’s subsidiary) is showing that with a mighty PHEV configuration. The truck is not getting 500 hp, but the system must be pretty potent to meet truckers’ demands.

2021 Ford Ranger Hybrid

Under the Hood

So, we are coming to the main question about the 2021 Ford Ranger Hybrid – what will provide power for such a pickup? There are a few options. We already mentioned a powertrain from Lincoln Aviator. Still, it has to be downpowered. Also, there is a new Explorer SUV with its hybrid unit. In this case, the power output gets a slight push. On the other hand, that is not what happens with towing capacity.

The latest reports are suggesting that the existing powertrain, a 2.3-liter turbo-four will be paired with an electric battery. The plug-in configuration will enhance the power to 365 hp and 500 lb-ft of twist. This seems like an upgrade that can serve well to the mid-size truck. Another possibility is a 2.7-liter EcoBoost getting the same treatment. This setup is coming for Bronco Raptor. Experts are not sure if this one can be so good for the Ranger as the smaller sibling.

2021 Ford Ranger Hybrid Release Date

The new Ranger is under development. The pickup truck is hitting a new generation after the current one debuted again in the US market. The arrival of the 2021 Ford Ranger Hybrid will depend on the appearance of the standard lineup, powered by a base 2.3-liter petrol configuration. We believe the first units will be built in the first half of 2021, with a summer debut at the Detroit Auto Show. There are no estimations about the price. Also, other companies are not responding to such rumors with promises of their own hybrid pickups.

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