2021 Mercedes X-Class: 2nd Generation

Mercedes is the first luxury carmaker that entered the truck segment. Still, its X-Class is not exactly what we expect from the German company. Based on Nissan Navara, the pickup was not as stunning as its siblings. The 2021 Mercedes X-Class might bring the game on with more unique features and upgrades. Currently, the truck’s sales are limited to a very few markets. If the company decides to launch serious production, then the X-Class is going to visit the most important market in the world.

The truck is a rebadged Navara for now. But, all the experts see this move by MB as the test of the market. There are no posh materials, advanced technologies, premium features, and all other things Mercedes got us used to. Also, the engine is not as powerful as it should be. The company will definitely consider a turbocharged six-cylinder or even a V8 for the next edition of the pickup truck. Let’s see what these could bring.

2021 Mercedes X-Class Specs

Since the truck didn’t appear in the US, the main source of power were oil burners. This is not going to happen once the 2021 Mercedes X-Class gets to North America. There are a few options we know about. The truck will take the position in the mid-size class. There, trucks are using four-cylinder engines as the base solutions, but truckers are keener on machines with a V6 and closer to the 300 hp output. A turbo-four engine could respond to needs with 255 horsepower. Still, this one lacks towing capacity. So, it is more likely that X-Class is getting a larger displacement with more potential. The size and weight are going to be similar to the GLE SUV. There, we find a supercharged I6 unit with 362 horsepower, which is more suitable for the luxury mid-size pickup. It will also provide enough power for at least 7,000 pounds of towing capacity.

new 2021 Mercedes X-Class


The company ended the production of the first generation of the truck. Poor sales were the main reason. But, we are looking at the causes of such low demand. Definitely, there is no well-known Mercedes DNA in this truck. So, the next edition must add more luxury and unique design. Buyers didn’t bite the current version and the upcoming edition will be more stylish and convenient. Of course, expect the price bump as well.

Mercedes is working on the electrification of its vehicles. So, a kind of a hybrid/PHEV system is also possible for the 2021 Mercedes X-Class. Furthermore, their drive becomes smarter, with a lot of driver-aid features available. Soon, the German company is going to launch a self-driving system, probably Level 3 or higher. The top of the range version should be the 2021 Mercedes X-Class AMG. There won’t be too many buyers willing to spend a fortune on this high-performance and super-luxurious edition, but the German carmaker would make a statement with the AMG badge.

2021 Mercedes X-Class Release Date

The company is preparing the second generation of the truck that will debut next season. We are not sure if the production is going to start immediately, but the model is going to be offered as the 2021 Mercedes X-Class.

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