We Want 2021 Tesla Pickup, Not Cybertruck

Cybertruck is not something we wanted to see. Elon Musk made its promise – its company delivered the electric pickup. But, we want something that will get on the Ford F-150 and its electric version when it appears. The 2021 Tesla Pickup might be something worth waiting for. This time, fans want to see something serious, not the technology toy.

Rivian is testing R1T and many companies are interested to invest in this pickup (Amazon, for example). So, Tesla must take these threats to speed up the development of the model that can respond to challenges. And it is not the Cybertruck. Instead, the new version must close the gap between the electric and utility segments, which is hard to do even for the leading company in both segments. But, if we believe someone can do miracles, that is Elon Musk.

tesla cybertruck
Tesla Cybertruck

Rewind – Pickup Truck Set As Priority

It’s been more than a year since the first man of the company announced that the next vehicles to hit the production are roadster and pickup. Back then, the semi-autonomous truck had the premiere and the Model Y was already official. However, the Cybertruck is definitely not something the whole industry expected. Yes, it is hard to meet all the benefits of the truck class and the electric segment. But, Tesla must be faster than Ford and Rivian in this race if they want to maintain their reputation.

2021 tesla pickup

2021 Tesla Pickup vs Rivian R1T

While the 2021 Tesla Pickup is still a myth, the first images of the Rivian truck are out. The new electric powerhouse is taking the challenge seriously and its model already has specs. Still, it is not in production and we are not sure if the Rivian can fulfill promises.

At this moment, the range of 400 miles seems to be unbelievable. But, the new carmaker is promising their top of the class versions will manage to return such outputs. Well, the base models will be good for around 250-300 miles. Towing capacity is very respectable with 11,000 pounds.

We will see how will Tesla respond. Well, they already have the most powerful SUV in the market. Model X P100D is delivering 670 hp. But, if it is not converted into towing capacity and range, it is useless.

2021 Tesla Pickup – Verdict

Definitely, the 2021 Tesla Pickup should set up some standards. We don’t expect the production to start so soon, but Musk could unveil this drivetrain pretty soon as the new concept. Tesla built the factory in China for Model Y in less than a year. So, the new challenge in the truck class should be a breeze.

Also, we must mention F-150 and Ford’s electrification plan. It is just a matter of time when will the most popular pickup of all time gets an all-electric version. The Blue Oval carmaker already added the SUV with batteries and the next one at the priority list is the pickup. The 2021 Tesla Pickup must be faster and innovative to save its image of the dominating force in the electric segment.

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