2023 BMW Truck Myths and Facts

We thought that the arrival of the Mercedes X-Class will spark the luxury truck market. but, even the three-point star company fails sometimes. It is not easy to get into the pickup segment and stay competitive. That is why the 2023 BMW truck is one of the biggest myths of our time. The Bavarian company was already active in this market, but it was a long time ago. Can they revive the production of a pickup truck? There is a lot of potentials.

The latest big SUVs are featuring body-on-frame architecture. This is the perfect base for the future 2023 BMW truck. Nobody doubts the capabilities of the carmaker. The bigger worry is the market. Truckers are spending extra for their rides, but premium models are not so popular. That is the biggest stumbling block for the 2023 BMW pickup. Besides that, the German carmaker has it all – a good platform, powerful engines, attractive design languages, comfortable interior, high-end safety systems, and the potential to build enough units.

2023 BMW Truck price

Platform and Powertrains

The X7 is the new SUV that rides on the ladder platform. Well, this is a base for a good truck. Only Honda Ridgeline is using the unibody concept and fails to achieve a lot of buyers. Hyundai Santa Cruz went the same way. But, truckers would rather buy a more potent vehicle, which will help them tow a lot, rather than some fuel-saving system.

With this architecture, there is no doubt that the 2023 BMW Truck will share a lot of things in common with the largest SUV in the lineup, including engines. A V6 is a good start. The 2023 BMW pickup will probably belong to the mid-size class and such an engine perfectly suits the class. However, it is hard to believe that company is not going to offer a V8 with 450+ horsepower under the hood. Since the truck is a luxury model, everything is on a higher level compared to the competition. The AMG package can maximize the potential, but truckers wouldn’t be crazy about a small truck with too much power. It is the opinion even if the BMW truck comes as a half-tone model.

2023 BMW Truck

2023 BMW Truck Expectations

The fact is – there are no rumors about the development of the 2023 BMW truck. Even if it happens, that is going to be some concept. Release and sales start in 2023 are unlikely. But, that could show the intentions of the Bavarian company.

On the other hand, it seems like we saw that with the X-Class. Mercedes tested its truck, borrowing a platform from Nissan Navara. The experiment failed, if we can call it so. The German manufacturer didn’t spend too many thanks to the cooperation with Nissan. Plus, the X-Class had no a spirit of other Mercedes vehicles. So, many fans doubt in the company’s intentions. The truck could be a bite for rivals to start developing and producing their models, although the market is not so promising. So, enthusiasts are not so thrilled with the news about the 2023 BMW truck, seeing it the same way as the Mercedes X-Class.

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