2023 Chevy TopKick / Silverado 5500 HD Review

Soon after the launch of the Silverado Series 4 and 5 chassis cab trucks, fans recalled old nameplates. Now, we are trying to find out if the 2023 Chevy TopKick is possible. Well, this badge was reserved for the GMC, while the model with a bow tie was Kodiak. Now, we assume that the Silverado 4500 might be renamed to the Kodiak, and the 5500 HD truck to TopKick. Do you like this idea?

Besides the names, there won’t be too many things different on the HD lineup. Those are still chassis cab working mules with exceptional towing capacities. If you need a vehicle that will haul a huge trailer, Silverado 5500 is one of the best choices.

2023 Chevy TopKick 5500

Diesel Engine Specs

The company is not making experiments here. A large turbodiesel is the best choice for the 2023 Chevy TopKick. A 6.6-liter Duramax engine delivers more than 900 lb-ft of torque. Well, oil burners for Ford and Ram are capable of producing more than 1,000 pound-feet. Still, Chevrolet diesel trucks are towing as much as its rivals. One of the advantages over its rivals should be the new Allison transmission. A 10-pace gearbox is making difference in other classes and makes Silverado the most capable HD truck for towing.

Nevertheless, for the 2023 TopKick, outputs would be decreased to 350 hp and 700 lb-ft. The towing capacity is also lower compared to the Series 3 model. But, the lifespan is longer. The TopKick will be able to haul up to 19,500 pounds. The Silverado 6500 HD is the most capable model in this segment with 23,500 lbs, while the upcoming TopKick will be good for 16,500 lbs. The fuel tank takes 65 gallons, but the truck is going to consume a lot of oil.

2023 Chevy TopKick


To make the work more convenient, General Motors is going to install some features to make it easier to drivers. Of course, the priority is on the safety segment. You are getting plenty of aid options. Also, visibility is very important. GM can offer a few interesting options, available for smaller trucks. For example, the Trailer Camera is a high-end option for HD models. For the 2023 Chevy TopKick, it might be standard, having in mind importance of this feature. The sloping hood already provides an excellent frontal view. Noises are staying out of the cabin thanks to the triple-seal door system. It provides a working area for drivers where no external factors should disrupt their focus.

The company also improved the multimedia system. Still, it is questionable what kind of the MyChevrolet infotainment the big rig is going to offer. Smartphone integration is certain. A 4G Wi Fi should also be carried over to the next season.

2023 Chevy TopKick Pricing

The 2023 Chevy TopKick 5500 is a mid-range offer in the chassis cab segment. The price for the Series 5 truck is around $50,000. Kodiak can save you around $1,500 and the most expensive configuration, Silverado 6500, is going to cost $55,000 before upgrades. Some high-end options will be available through optional purchases.

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