2023 GMC Sierra Changes and Models

Updates on the entire 2023 GMC Sierra series will be the same as on its mechanical twin – Chevrolet Silverado. The bow-tie logo is more popular, but there are still a lot of fans buying the GMC models. There are a couple of reasons, such as the premium Denali model, or AT4, probably the best package for off-roading in the family. One of the things that differ two lineups, is the unavailability of Series 4 and higher. But, for all your needs, there are Sierra 1500 and Sierra HD.

The half-ton truck was updated recently. Now, it offers a diesel engine. Duramax unit is going to be enhanced to provide a better towing capacity. While this segment needs to catch up with the competition, the 2023 GMC Sierra 3500 Dually is a leader when it comes to hauling. Large V8 Duramax turbodiesel is setting standards to other trucks.

Specifications are the first thing looking at when speaking about those vehicles. But, the Sierra lineup is very rich with options. We mentioned the highlights of the performance, but there are several other possibilities for the engine room. Also, the trim levels packages are more than interesting, and building the 2023 Sierra brings a lot of fun, no matter which model you pick.

2023 GMC Sierra 1500

Sierra 1500: Improved Towing Capacity Needed

When all three big US truckmakers announced diesel units for their half-ton trucks, fans expected similar performances. Looking at numbers, prospects came true. But, one thing was disappointing about General Motors trucks – their vehicles offered towing capacity of 9,000 pounds, while Ram and Ford were 2,000 lbs above that. This is the segment where the 2023 GMC Sierra 1500 needs to improve.

Nevertheless, the company made it up a bit by delivering some of the best packages you can find in the market. The SLT is already very valuable trim, while the top of the range are AT4 off-road tuned truck, and the premium Denali version, with plenty of luxury equipment.

2023 GMC Sierra HD towing capacity
2023 GMC Sierra 3500 HD Dually can tow 36,000 lbs

2023 GMC Sierra HD: Class Leader in Towing

While the lower class of truck segment lacks some hauling potential, the 2023 GMC Sierra HD is a leader. The Series 3 truck can tow 36,000 pounds, equipped with a large Duramax V8 engine and dual rear wheel setup. This is the high-end model, and you can still find a lot of interesting configurations around the lineup. GM recently introduced a new petrol engine. Instead of a large 6.6-liter displacement, the Sierra HD models will now use a 6.0-liter mill. Again, the abovementioned packages are also available in the heavy-duty class.

2023 GMC Sierra Kodiak Topkick
Kodiak and TopKick, Class 4 and 5 light-duty trucks were discontinued in 2010

Light-Duty Trucks: The Return of Topkick and Kodiak

General Motors is back in the Series 4,5 and 6 class. But, not with GMC models. Chevrolet upgraded the Silverado lineup. It didn’t take too long before rumors started to swirl around. Comebacks of the 2023 GMC Sierra Topkick and Kodiak are not confirmed, but if the company carries over the vehicles to the GMC family, we doubt those will be called Sierra 4500 and Sierra 5500.

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