2023 Ram TRX Updates Preview

The 2023 Ram TRX with the Hellcat engine is not such a big topic anymore as it was. But, it can become again, once the company releases all the details about its high-performance truck. The model made a stunning entrance, although fans expected the Hellcat engine with more than 700 hp. But, FCA kept the release date as a secret for more than two years. It is not all about the TRX model, which finally landed with 702 hp, but also the thing that caused other companies to work on their performance pickups.

So, immediately after the launch of the TRX package with the Hellcat engine as its centerpiece, Ford started testing the new version of Raptor truck. According to rumors, Raptor R will crack 750 hp. The verdict – Ford didn’t confirm it. Also, Chevy Silverado SS or ZR2 could be out soon, as another response to the 2023 Ram TRX. Everything promises an interesting battle. Too bad that most fans will look it from aside, having in mind the price of those trucks.

2023 Ram TRX price

2023 Ram TRX Changes

There is no need for big modifications on the 2023 Ram TRX. The truck is new and the company spent a lot of time on tuning. The aggressive look is following the nature of the pickup. The concept was introduced a few years ago and designers made some changes when it came to production last year. But, the TRX has everything to make an off-road drive more comfortable, even with 702 ponies under the hood.

Skid plates, bedliner, unique shocks and suspension, special grille, and other parts make this truck easy to spot. If you miss it by your sight, you will hear a V8 roar. The company is also making the Ram TRX available with special graphics. That is the area where we could expect some changes. New colors are always refreshing. Also, the new Uconnect system will be there. Minor other additions are also possible in the cabin.

Hellcat Engine Specs

For a long time Ram was threatening with this kind of truck. Experts still remember the premiere of the diesel model with the clock on the display set at 7:07. However, they had to wait for three years since the easter egg was planted. It was obvious that the TRX model is going to use the Hellcat engine. A 6.2-liter V8 unit is supercharged and delivers more than 700 horsepower. Number 707 was taken from the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk and its horsepower rating. But, the truck was tuned to 702 horsepower. It is not quite a disappointment. Still, the company launched Durango with the Hellcat engine at the same time, and there, the mill cracks 710 hp. Truckers would appreciate more if they had a chance to get the most powerful configuration of the engine.

2023 Ram TRX

2023 Ram TRX Price

If you are after the 2023 Ram TRX, you’d better start saving. The price tag of the performance truck might go north from $70,000, where it is at this moment. It seems being worth of paying for an off-road truck that sprints 0-60 mph in less than 4 seconds.

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