2023 Tesla Semi Electric Truck: Release Date, Price, and Specs

Five years after the initial promise, the 2023 Tesla semi electric truck is coming out. The company will initially produce 100 units and it will happen until the end of the year. Experts thought the first batch would be smaller. Anyway, during next two years, Tesla plans to launch around 50,000 semi trucks.

The US company is entering a serious market after debuting in the electric segment with Cybertruck. However, Elon Musk is yet to announce the spec of the new 2023 Tesla semi electric truck. Rumors say 500 miles in a single charge and a 40-ton load. But, that is not the most important thing about this vehicle. With EV technology expanding to this segment, other truckmakers will be under pressure to build greener trucks. On the other hand, stations for refilling such vehicles will use a lot of power.

2023 Tesla Semi Electric Truck price

Recharging Network Problems

The latest studies show that electric vehicles are not so green. Yes, the pollution by gas emissions is zero. But, a small station where you recharge regular vehicles uses the same amount of electricity as a football stadium. The 2023 Tesla semi electric truck needs more power. Estimations are that such stations will use as much power as a small town. But, there are a lot of holes in this theory. We also must take the level of power, recharging system, and many other factors. So, it is early to make estimations. The arrival of the electric semi-truck is more of a statement for now. Such trucks won’t overtake the market so soon.

2023 Tesla Semi Electric Truck

When Will 2023 Tesla Semi Electric Truck Be Available?

Bosses of the company sometimes give huge announcements. Well, Tesla fulfills its promises, but the delivery usually breaks the schedule. The latest news says the production starts soon and by the end of the year 100 units will be built. Experts are suspicious about that. They think 30 trucks would be a surprise. Anyway, bosses didn’t mention if the 2023 Tesla semi electric truck is becoming available for ordering so soon.

Also, we are missing the price of those vehicles. It will be another stumbling block for truckers. Some estimations say you will need to pay up to $180,000. The good thing about it is a tax refund credit of $40,000. Not a bad discount though. This is a class 8 model and Elon Musk mentioned once that truck will cover 500 miles. Reports are coming from various sources, but the official statement is still missing. Let’s wait a couple of months and see if those speculations are true.

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