2023 Toyota Tacoma Diesel Pros and Cons

A diesel version of Tacoma is an old dream. Although there are many sources for speculations, the truck never came out. We will try to analyze what’s happening on the market and see if the 2023 Toyota Tacoma Diesel is possible.

The company is not making it official. Well, that is probably the most important thing here. But, Toyota is not going to unveil their cards to rivals. There are a lot more pros for seeing the 2023 Toyota Tacoma Diesel. First of all, the market exists and it is quite popular. Again, we have a bottom side of the medal – that is hybridization. More companies will opt for an environmental-friendly configuration. And finally, this would be a huge investment, and current priority is the development of EV lineup.

We can also follow what is going on with the new 4Runner SUV and its non-US sibling, Fortuner, which rides on the same platform as Hilux pickup. In Asia and Europe, this truck uses a diesel engine. Nevertheless, Toyota never carried it over for Tacoma.

2023 Toyota Tacoma Diesel specs

New Engine, But Not Diesel

According to multiple sources, the Japanese truckmaker is going to make a few changes under the hood of this pickup. However, we won’t see the 2023 Toyota Tacoma Diesel. Instead, a turbocharged four-cylinder is the new drivetrain for the truck, as well as its close sibling, 4Runner SUV. This mill should provide similar power to a V6. The main advantage is gas mileage, while we still don’t have towing capacity outputs. Well, Tacoma needs to be at least at the same level to stay competitive.

Hybrid Instead of the 2023 Toyota Tacoma Diesel

For now, it seems that the priority is the hybrid drivetrain. There are no such trucks in the mid-size segment, but in the full-size class, you’ll find a few all-electric units. As a leader in this world, Toyota will make a pickup that can meet all the expectations. If we take a look at the rest of its vehicles, we will find a mighty PHEV configuration based on a four-pot engine. Rav4 Prime is a compact crossover with a system that bursts 300 hp. If this setup becomes the new drivetrain of the Tacoma hybrid, Toyota will start the next chapter in the evolution of trucks. Such power promises excellent towing capacity. Gas mileage is also guaranteed, and the PHEV system can use only electric power for driving.

2023 Toyota Tacoma Diesel

2023 Toyota Tacoma Diesel vs Colorado, Gladiator

The market of diesel trucks is not dead. General Motors still keeps a Duramax unit for its Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon. Well, the company started a big electrification process, but oil burners are still part of the truck lineup. GM expected competition from Toyota, but FCA launched another diesel truck recently. The Jeep Gladiator is making a statement with a 3.0-liter mill ready to crack 260 hp and 440 lb-ft of torque. We can also hear that Ford might carry over an oil burner from the Australian version of the Ranger Raptor. This would spice up the market and probably trigger the Japanese company to launch the 2023 Toyota Tacoma Diesel.

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