Is 2023 VW Atlas Tanoak Coming Out At All?

The future of the 2023 VW Atlas Tanoak is not bright. One of the best concepts we’ve seen in past decade is about to be dropped. High expectations were never given chance to contest other trucks. After the test ride, experts were stunned with the performance of the new vehicle. But, Volkswagen never launched the Tanoak. Why? Who knows? There are a lot of potential reason that we might guess, and who knows how many of those we have no clue about.

All in all, the 2023 VW Atlas Tanoak is a long shot for now. The company even introduced another truck concept called Tarok. But, experts and enthusiasts didn’t catch the bait like with the Tanoak. With such a response, the Tarok has bad chances to enter production. It is strange. The German company is producing a very popular truck in Europe and Asia. The Amarok was even expected in the US, and many fans saw the Atlas Tanoak as its sibling. But, Volkswagen is not yet making the step.

2023 VW Atlas Tanoak

Future of the 2023 VW Atlas Tanoak

Can we finally see the 2023 VW Atlas Tanoak? Well, the company is not answering that question. The news about its premiere is still on the website. That is probably the only reason why we still discuss the topic and why enthusiasts believe in its arrival. But, all this is becoming quite old. The pickup debuted in 2018. So, if it is not ready after four years, then why anyone would believe it can happen now?

Another supporting fact is that Volkswagen is missing a vehicle for the truck segment. This is the market that generates a lot of profit. The German company has a great potential to compete with leaders in the class. Not only the 2023 VW Atlas Tanoak is interest, but also Amarok pickup, and even the new Tarok concept. The real mystery is why Volkswagen is waiting…

2023 VW Atlas Tanoak

If Not Tanoak, Will There Be Amarok or Tarok?

So, the concept is definitely fading. All the advanced stuff we saw on it, and futuristic design are becoming old. Meanwhile, other platforms are showing up. In the first place, there is the Tarok. Nevertheless, this is a small pickup, which would be positioned in the compact class. Still, it is a more likely option for the US than the 2023 VW Atlas Tanoak.

Another interesting rumor is coming with the arrival of the new Amarok. The company is launching a fresh version of the non-US truck, which causes a lot of rumors. The platform could be used for the model for North America. Others are mentioning that Amarok could be available in the US dealerships. Anyway, it seems that VW is more focused on other projects, rather than the Tanoak. We can also add the ID concept and electric vehicles. Those are definitely a priority. Not too long time ago, the US branch of the company confirmed the development of the electric truck. More details about this idea you can read in the official newsroom. However, that is another factor that cools off interest in the 2023 Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak.

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