2024 Kia Pickup Truck (Kia Telluride Truck)

It looks like rumors about the Kia truck are always swirling around. Everything started 20 year ago with the Mojave pickup concept. But, this one never entered production. In the meantime, experts were talking about the trucks based on Sorento and Mohave SUVs. With the arrival of the new largest vehicle by the Korean carmaker, Telluride, the focus is now on this one. The 2024 Kia pickup truck could really borrow a few things from its sibling.

For example, the engine is perfect for a mid-size truck. Also, the styling is very attractive, although the pickup needs some modifications. Kia might partner with some proven truckmaker on this project. The first name coming to our mind is Hyundai. Two Korean carmakers are growing together and the arrival of Santa Cruz heated up rumors about the 2024 Kia pickup truck.

2024 Kia Pickup Truck

2024 Kia Pickup Truck Concept

So, there are two ways of development for the 2024 Kia pickup truck. One is the SUV-based way, and another one is copying the Hyundai’s style. It is hard to say which one is better and everything depends on Kia bosses. The Telluride truck would be a mid-size model, a rival to Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Navara, GMC Canyon… A V6 engine the SUV is using is perfect for this type of vehicle. It can deliver 291 hp from a 3.8-liter mill. The downside is the unibody concept. Only Honda Ridgeline is using this type of architecture and its sales numbers are far away from the rest of the lineup. Such concept brings a sportier ride, but the towing capacity is not competitive.

On the other hand, Santa Cruz belongs to the new segment – compact trucks. The competition here is still not huge. Ford Maverick is the only other option. Companies are selling those models as small delivery urban trucks. So, they won’t offer too much power and towing. The focus is on agility and fuel economy.

2024 Kia Pickup Truck


So, everything is going to depend on the segment the 2024 Kia pickup truck is going to take. The mid-size model will definitely use a 3.8-liter mill with 291 hp. We believe that towing capacity can be between 6,500 and 7,000 pounds, which is more than enough. An 8-speed transmission is paired with the engine. The company also offers AWD and X-Pro package for a better off-road experience. Such an upgrade can boost Kia’s chances in the new world.

A smaller, four-cylinder engine is also an option. Such a powertrain can be an entry-level plant for a mid-size truck, or standard power source for the compact pickup. A 2.5-liter mill can produce 191 hp and the same one is used by the Hyundai Santa Cruz. This is not too bad if you are looking for a cheap truck. The price of such pickup won’t be over $25,000. A larger body and displacement will make everything more expensive. Also, do not exclude a hybrid powertrain, although such systems are not deployed yet in this world. More truckmakers are opting for all-electric models straight away.

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