2024 Toyota Stout Can Be Revived as the Compact Pickup

There are serious magazines reporting about the 2024 Toyota Stout. Not too many truckers remember this vehicle, since its last appearance was in 2000. But, that was an end of the 46 year run of the light pickup truck. Now, an old nameplate could be revived. First reports are coming from Australia. Utes are quite popular there. But, the main market is North America. And, the Japanese truckmaker needs to react to the appearances of new pickups – small, commercial vehicles, such as Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz.

The Stout was a compact light truck whose peak in popularity was during 60s and 70s. Still, the production lasted until the new millennium. We can say that Hilux and Tacoma are successors, but those are totally different models from an old pickup. Now, the 2024 Toyota Stout should be back to offer more options to buyers looking to tow smaller loads and save some fuel.

new 2024 Toyota Stout

Short History

The first generation of the Stout arrived in 1954. In Japan, they called it Toyotpet RK. It was a classic, versatile vehicle from that time, that also served as an ambulance or a van. Truck offered a few models and options and gained immediate popularity. But, the second generation made a stronger impact. Redesigned truck debuted in 1960 and lasted for nearly 20 years. Of course, the third series of the pickup (1979-2000) were the most versatile and offered plenty of modern upgrades.

The Comeback

Now, we can hear rumors about reviving the old name after more than 20 years. Well, the company needs new models. Redesigns and new generations don’t always work. Plus, we saw a few comebacks in the past few years, such as Venza SUV, or the Corolla car.

Experts see the 2024 Toyota Stout as the compact truck. It will be positioned under Tacoma and Hilux. The SUV-based model will use a unibody platform to improve maneuvering and the safety. Also, such vehicles are fuel-friendlier. The Stout is going to rival Ford Maverick, as the new small truck for urban streets. The towing capacity won’t be impressive. But, the pickup is there to make local deliveries and save fuel.

We doubt the Toyota Stout could be a heavy-duty model, since the Japanese company showed no intention of competing in this class. Anyway, it can change, since the HD trucks generate the highest profit to companies making them.

2024 Toyota Stout

Electric Truck

Of course, the 2024 Toyota Stout could be an EV. Not only the Japanese company, but all other car and truckmakers are leaning towards electric segment. Sooner or later, this type of drivetrain will be the main source of power for most vehicles. We already saw the electric Tacoma concept. However, it will be easier and less risky to build Stout EV and see how the market reacts to the new breed of trucks. Tacoma and Tundra are heavy haulers. That is the main issue with electric drivetrains – their towing capacity is questionable. Many concepts are highly rated for hauling, but in that case, the battery drains way faster that the carmakers advertise their range.

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