Ford Atlas Concept Truck, Price

New Ford Atlas concept, the much-awaited car which is yet to hit the roads. The look is designed in such a way that everyone will love to have and that is one of the main reason that people are crazy about it and the company fully claim that their this model bring a car revolution in the market whether talk about it features or design or technology. The New Ford Atlas will come with several features which will be user-friendly and much more things to come. The company was set to release it Atlas on 2016 but it’s delayed had made the expectation of Ford lovers somewhat down.

Ford Atlas Concept front

Ford Atlas Concept – Exterior and Interior Design:

The Ford Atlas concept is one of the best design we had in the market. The new Ford Atlas comes up with the double deck in the front which is embedded by lights. Rectangular grille is placed in front of the truck which has a beautiful look. A truck is led a strong fascia which is placed in the front of the truck. The specialties of the truck are that the grills are resistant to the wind which was totally unique from other. The company had not made many changes in the truck but they had personally looked towards its safety features and all. The roof of the truck is made with glad and the outlet is made with 110V electric supply.

New Ford Atlas concept comes up with the beautiful Interior. The coloring is done with black and shading of gray paint. To make the driver comfortable the seats are made with high-quality leather which increases the value of the truck. The seat is placed on the front side of the cabin and the cabin space is made comfortable too. The back seat has an attachment of touch display which allows the truck to have a good time pass.

The company had made many decisions about the enjoyment in the vehicle. It comes up with adaptive control of cruise, a blind spotting, and a lane sensor system. Ford has introduced spec in the truck so that it make the car even more beautiful. The truck is fully air conditioned which will help in making the ride comfortable and enjoyable. Extra features such as noise system and web linking diverse are also present in this table.

Ford Atlas Concept interior

Ford Atlas Concept – Engine Output:

The company had tried to make it engine smoother so that it generate tremendous acceleration. It consists of a 3.5-liter fuel tank with V8 engine which has the capability to generate 360 hp of energy with the torque of 380 pounds. An automated gearbox is placed in the engine with 6-speed technology. The Atlas has the power to accelerate 60mph within the span of 8 sec. The weight is much lighter as people are expecting and this will lead to their road to success.

Ford Atlas Concept rear

Ford Atlas Concept – Expected Date of Arrival and Price:

The Ford was expected to come in the year 2016 but the company had not released it yet and 2017 will be the year when finally Ford will reveal it New Ford Atlas in the market to give a tough competition to their rivalries. The price range of the truck will be $27,000-$52,000.

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