Ford Ranger Electric News and Release Date

Ranger pickup is still not offering alternatives to the 2.3-liter turbo-four engine. So, it leaves a lot of space for rumors. The truck could get a V6 or a diesel engine. Of course, there are speculations about the hybrid truck. Eventually, the Ford Ranger Electric will show up as well. The company plans to electrify the entire lineup by 2030, but the pickup will definitely come out earlier.

Ford already builds some serious electric vehicles. Even the F-150 Lighting is the EV. Building of a smaller pickup should be easier. But, it also requires a lot of work and funds. So, the company will make a priority list and the Ford Ranger Electric could be at the top of it. We assume it will be out somewhere between 2025 and 2027.

Ford Ranger Electric concept

Electric Trucks

The entire automotive world is moving towards complete electrification. Ford is not the first company that promised complete EV lineup by 2030. Nevertheless, trucks survived the rush of big SUVs that could replace them – thanks to incredible towing performance. That is the biggest question about electric trucks. Tesla, Ford and General Motors are already out with such models, but they still can’t compete with conventional units. Reasons are many – price, maintenance, and the main thing – towing capacity.

For now, we have Tesla Cybertruck and Ford F-150 Lighting. General Motors is also launching the GMC Hummer EUT, and the company also announced the Silverado EV. So, big companies are starting with the full-size segment. The only mid-size pickup concept with electric unit is Toyota Tacoma. But, the Japanese company didn’t talk too much about it. Also, Jeep Wrangler Magneto is on the way, and the same architecture could underpin the Gladiator.

When Will Ford Ranger Electric Be Available?

It is still not in the development, but the US carmaker is definitely thinking about the Ford Ranger Electric. However, the release date is not scheduled yet. Arrivals of the Tacoma EV and Gladiator Magneto could speed things up. But, those are not coming so soon. Trucks are just projects for now and none will be in production before 2025. It leaves a lot of room to Ford and its engineers to develop the Ranger EV.

Ford Ranger Electric News

Before We See the Ford Ranger Electric…

The truck came back to the US dealerships a couple of years ago. Immediately, truckers started complaining about the single engine available for the pickup. A 2.3-liter turbocharged four-pot mill is pretty potent, but fans would like to see a bigger powerplant. So, Ford could fulfill a wish and add a V6. It might be the source of power for the Ranger Raptor.

What’s more, the Blue Oval company could go after a hybrid configuration. In a matter of fact, a plug-in hybrid might be a step between a current version and the Ford Ranger Electric. It can also go by using only battery, but the range is limited. The Ranger EV should do at least 200 miles in a single charge, still be able to tow a lot, and recharge quickly to draw the attention. Long story short – not an easy task.

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