Lexus LT Pickup Truck Is Not Happening

The Lexus LT Pickup Truck was an interesting concept when renders appeared nearly three years ago. As the years pass by, we are less confident that the concept will turn to the production model. Well, the parent company, Toyota, has to offer the concept for the Lexus LT, which would be the mid-size model with premium equipment.

However, after many considerations, the company decides that there is no market for such a pickup. The luxury segment is not so popular, while the mid-size class is growing. It is currently the most popular tier, with the arrival of Jeep Gladiator and Ford Ranger.

Designers and engineers will try to improve Toyota Tacoma and make it more competitive. The experiment in the new class is not so attractive. The Japanese truckmaker opts for a sure profit. Still, the Lexus LT Pickup remains the concept many truckers would like to see in future.

Lexus LT Pickup truck render

Premium Version of Toyota Tacoma

Even if it happens, the Lexus LT Pickup Truck will be heavily based on the Toyota Tacoma. We can compare these two models to 4Runner and Lexus GX. Vehicles have a similar size and engines, but the level of equipment will make a difference. The LT Truck would install the special spindle grille. Also, upgrades all around the vehicle are making the truck sportier and more aggressive.

Under the hood, both trucks would use a 3.5-liter petrol engine with 280 hp. Whatsoever, we can hear that Tacoma could get a hybrid drivetrain soon. Another speculation’s topic is a diesel unit. Like for the Lexus LT Pickup, this rumor fades away and it is less likely to happen.

Lexus GX interior
Lexus GX interior

Lexus LT Pickup Truck Pros and Cons

We said that Toyota is not considering the production of the Lexus LT Pickup Truck anymore. Why? The development would be very expensive. The premium truck heads into a new market that is not proven, and the Japanese carmaker doesn’t know how LT Pickup would perform.

On the other hand, the platform is ready, so the new model won’t start from scratches. Another thing why Toyota could give a shot to the Lexus Truck is the lack of competition. The only mid-size premium model is GMC Canyon Denali. With new features and Lexus’ touch, the LT truck could make an immediate impact.

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Lexus LT Pickup truck concept

Lexus LT Pickup Truck With Hybrid Drivetrain

Definitely, the Lexus LT Pickup Truck could get a hybrid engine. Most Lexus SUVs are already using such technology. Now, we can hear that the company is going to electrify the biggest units in the lineup – GX and LX. The drivetrain from these two can provide enough power for the Lexus LT Truck.

Fans Say: Give It a Shot!

Opinions are split, but most fans say that Lexus Pickup Truck could be a great addition to the lineup. On the other hand, many are not quite sure if it can succeed. Definitely, truckers that don’t support the idea are questioning the capabilities of the luxury pickup. Even these people who love the concept are pretty sure it is not happening any time soon.

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