Lexus Pickup Truck Concept Review

The Lexus Pickup Truck concept might be borrowed from Hilux brand, in that they share the company parent, Toyota. Toyota stands to be one company with reputable strong, reliable and high-performing vehicles.

One of the expectation of Lexus pickup truck is a neat match between Hilux and Lexus LX 570. As both double and single cab, a format is expected to match the current market.

Lexus Pickup Truck Concept front

Lexus Pickup Truck Concept – Design and Features:

One of the biggest expectation of truck pickup is the size, and it should be the size of other truck pickups of even bigger. Some of the attributes under interior designs are in luxury, comfort and adequate space coupled with chrome finishes.
New designs are as well expected on a dashboard, gearbox and steering wheels, leather or suede seats may be ideal for extra comfort.

The design may be unique with acquired feature from Toyota Hilux. The rims must be above 12” for stability with stylish rear and front bumpers. It must have a stylish look and improved lighting system coupled with door orientations.

Lexus Pickup Truck Concept – Expected Engine Details:

The transmission could be 8-gear or 10-gear with coupled with automatic as with other pickup trucks. The Lexus might as well invest on turbo-charge, this may boost the horsepower capacity that is over 380 hp.
The torque of above 450 lb-ft, will give high stability and great power on terrains that are rough. They may consider a 5.7-liter V8 engine, diesel or petrol powered like other models. These attributes will give a powerful Lexus pickup truck especially when loaded.

The engine capacity of 5.7-liter V8 has been attributed to be powerful, reliable and high performance, it may be coupled with both four or two-wheeled drive as other pickup trucks in the market. The hybrid variant engine may be as well be offered to Lexus Pickup Truck concept.


The biggest rival of Lexus pickup truck is the Toyota Hilux, and other luxurious trucks like Sierra Denali.

Lexus Pickup Truck Concept – Predicted Release Date and Price:

It difficult to predict its arrival, but it’s expected to be in the market by next year from reliable rumors, pricing will depend on the both interior and exterior design, engine capacity, and other related attributes.

Lexus is one of most executive brands coupled with more features for the truck. It is expected to cost more than $ 40,000 and remember it’s going to one of the most prestigious and luxurious pickup truck in the market.

However, the pricing will as well depend on other luxurious truck pickups brand on the market. The additional features added to the concept to uniquely differentiate it from other trucks with more consideration on performance, in luxury and comfort amongst others.

Lexus Pickup Truck concept places the truck at a market edge with great performance. Reliability and more comfort especially on rough terrains. It is going to be one of the best choices for them that consider buying pickup trucks for luxury, comfort, and improved performance.

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