Lifted Honda Ridgeline

Tuning the ride after the purchase is very frequent, especially if you drive a truck. Honda Ridgeline is not among the best sellers, but fans love to tune it. Well, there is no too many options the Japanese company is offering, so the aftermarket parts can help you lift the pickup. We’ve analyzed the options, and here is what we’ve learned.

But first, let’s see why is this question so important. The Ridgeline is a unibody truck, which makes it different from the rest of the competition. Yes, most truckers are picking ladder frame, but Honda can also offer some advantages. Even the base model has a good ground clearance. The unibody platform offers better departure and approach angles than the BoF pickups. Finally, if you decide to lift the Honda Ridgeline, it will cost you less.

lifted honda ridgeline lift kit

Read Carefully – Why Not Lift Honda Ridgeline

Lifted Honda Ridgeline is not a too frequent sight for a few reasons. Like said, the truck doesn’t sell so fast as the models with a ladder frame. So, the market is pretty limited, as well as parts and lift kits offer. You’ll need perfect tuning, especially if you have a Honda Sensing package. The calibration of the camera on the windshield is going to be broken, although there are some reports that the lifting went without problems. The tire size also matters. Plus, get used to the increased fuel consumption, the area where the Ridgeline was better than rivals. Also, lifting will make the interior noisier. But, on the other hand, you are getting a better-looking vehicle and enhanced off-road capabilities.

lifted honda ridgeline

How and Where to Lift Honda Ridgeline?

There are no as many parts available as for Toyota Tacoma or Chevy Colorado, for example. But, the Ridgeline still can be lifted, and pretty cheap. Most parts will cost $200-$400. Plus, the installation fee. We’ve heard everything the best about the Truxxx and HRG Off-Road. There you can find a lot of lift kits, from 1 to 3 inches. Of course, the price depends on the height you want to gain. The cheapest parts are shim spacers, the Ultimate Lift Kit is the most expensive, and it adds 2.5 inches to the Honda Ridgeline of the current generation.

lifted honda ridgeline kit


Honda can’t compete with body on frame trucks, but lifting the Ridgeline can help you get an experience available only on such models. Again, that won’t be the same like when you lift Tacoma or Ranger. Still, the Japanese company wants to stay in the game. The Type R package will definitely increase chances, as well as the hybrid system, which is about to debut in 2024 or 2025. On the other hand, more unibody pickup trucks will be available, with compact Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz being presented recently. Ridgeline is still bigger than those models.


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