Next-Gen 2022 Mitsubishi L200 Ready For Debut

Mitsubishi doesn’t want to wait for too long. The Japanese company is going to deliver a new version of the L200 truck next season. The pickup is ready and the release is expected soon. The price is going to stay put, but the company is going to expand the lineup. The new look, more options, and enhanced performance are the highlights of the 2022 Mitsubishi L200.

The truckmaker is a part of a big alliance. Still, the L200 is not heading to the US market, where Nissan is producing Frontier. In some markets, Mitsubishi will also be available as Triton. That will be only a rebadged model. The new engine joins the lineup. A 2.2-liter diesel is there to boost the performance. We’ll see what other options the 2022 Mitsubishi L200 is introducing. Will there be a hybrid? Experts don’t exclude this outcome.

Next-Gen 2022 Mitsubishi L200 Ready For Debut

2022 Mitsubishi L200 Specs

A 2.2-liter turbodiesel is ready to deliver a real deal. That is 150 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque, being distributed to wheels through a six-pace manual gearbox. Well, such transmission is still pretty attractive outside the US. Automatic is optional. The truck can sprint 0-60 mph in 12 seconds, while the max speed is 108 mph. Towing capacity is also very good. The 2022 Mitsubishi L200 can haul more than 7,000 pounds, which would rank it among the top models in the United States. Well, a diesel engine can’t meet the demands of the US market, and the company doesn’t even plan to move across the ocean. A hybrid configuration might be a cool option. Still, Mitsubishi has a long way to go until this happens. On the other hand, existence of the Outlander PHEV, one of the most efficient hybrid systems out there, is encouraging.

2022 Mitsubishi L200 safety

Redesign, Interior Changes, Packages

The new generation of the pickup truck is bringing the new styling. The front fascia and interior are suffering the most changes. Bumper and headlights are eye-catching. The size of the truck stays the same. Single and double-cab configurations are there. In some markets, even chassis truck is an option.

The interior is going to offer more space if you opt for a four-door layout. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are becoming standard. Those are just some modern features the truck is going to offer to its owners. Club Cab 4 Life pickup is the entry-level model. A set of 16-inch wheels can be upgraded. For example, Trojan package is a mid-range offer that adds halogen lamps, leather steering wheel, and auto start/stop system. Here, an all-wheel drive becomes an option.

Warrior is adding even more accessories, such as keyless functions and rear-view camera. The 2022 Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian comes with advanced safety package that includes forward collision mitigation, soft-opening tailgate, and USB ports for rear seats. Barbarian Plus is the model for off-road ride. The Barbarian X is top of the class truck and only Warrior with a leather interior can be more expensive.

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