2018 Ford F-150 Super Duty With Diesel Engine

Ford never seizes to amaze its fans, thanks to the expected new release of the 2018 Ford F-150 Super Duty. If you love adventure, well, the new super duty truck might be what you have been waiting for. The new machine is expected to come with futuristic features that will definitely be an eye catcher. Starting with the exterior to the interior styling and more so when it comes to the engine performance. The new truck is expected to be a low rider, with a high load capability. The machine is expected to be economical when it comes to fuel consumption. Great, right? Well, Let us look at the interior and exterior features that make the 2018 Ford F-150 Super Duty your dream truck.

2018 Ford F-150 Super Duty front

2018 Ford F-150 Super Duty – Interior and Exterior Design:


A well-deigned grille is expected to feature in the new 2018 Ford Super Duty, a styling that differentiates it from its predecessor the 2017 F-150. This will definitely give it an interesting new bold look. With the new revised tailgate and taillight, we expect the new truck to appear much different in an appealing way. The new 2018 Ford truck will have a much lower base frame; this means that the vehicle will be much more stable on the road. You can always be sure that even at high speeds you are safe. The overview outlook of the 2018 Ford is totally amazing considering that you will be able to choose a color of your choice. If you love Red or Black then it will up to you when the machine is released.


The interior of the 2018 Ford truck is expected to be more spacious meaning more leg space and comfort. Isn’t this what you want when you are enjoying the ride with your friends or loved ones? Well, the simple answer here is yes. The super duty will come with a much superb center menu for the driver, a much-revised menu that will encompass the driver’s information, meaning with more advanced features, the vehicle will perform much better than its predecessor. Unique color will decorate its interior starting with the seat material and even the dashboard. Believe is that a glance at the interior will blow your mind with anxiety.

2018 Ford F-150 Super Duty interior

2018 Ford F-150 Super Duty – Engine Options:

Under the hood, the 2018 Ford F-150 Super Duty will incorporate a 3.3-liter diesel engine, that of a V-6 and is expected to generate 282 hp with a torque of 253 lb-ft. Also, 3.5-liter, 2.7-liter, and 5.0-liter will be available. Its makers have ensured that the 6 cylinder truck base engine consumes less fuel compared to its predecessor. This is an added advantage in that you will be able to save on fuel cost. Thumbs up to Ford for the consideration; also a 10 gear speed automatic system will be included in the new machine. You can always cruise to your destination at high speeds with this new truck. If the engine proves to be your ultimate goal when determining an efficient truck, then the 2018 ford’s Eco diesel engine will not let you down. It might actually be what you have been looking for.

2018 Ford F-150 Super Duty rear

2018 Ford F-150 Super Duty – Price and Release Date:

The new 2018 Ford F-150 Super Duty is expected to hit the market in the early months of 2018 and its speculated to price at $28,000-$54,000.

The 2018 new Ford truck is what you have been eagerly waiting for and it will definitely be a hot cake once it’s released. All you can do is patiently wait for this die-hard truck.

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