Nissan Titan Warrior Concept Price, Release Date, Specs

The Nissan Titan Warrior concept has been realized during the Detroit show off the cars. It is an extra duty pickup. The titan warrior concept is asserted on comparison with Titan XD. It took the Titan XD production design to extremes with aggressive, unapologetic, athletic styling features that asserted the concept off- road adventure intent. They have similar fully boxed ladder frame, heavy duty 6 speeds transmission, and Cummins® Turbo Diesel V8. The Nissan Titan Warrior has a full custom off- road suspension, unlike Titan XD. It is also 3 inches taller and 6 inches wider than the Titan XD. This enhances its performance hence the concept.

Nissan Titan Warrior Concept front

Exterior Features of Nissan Titan Warrior Concept:

The exterior features of Nissan Titan Warrior are termed as modern armor by the designer. It has stealthy, robotic quality and machine like sharp edges appearance. The strength of its fender is increased. Functional hood vents are installed to cool the Cummins ® turbo diesel. Up front of the Nissan Titan Warrior the skid plate is integrated into the grille and in back, also has a quad-tipped exhaust system. Its custom led lights, front and rear give it stealthy adds many aerodynamic elements which include carbon fiber rear cab spoiler and tailgated spoilers.

Nissan Titan Warrior concept is coded in a custom matte – gunmetal paint. Its headlights were enhanced to make have a technical menacing look.

Interior features Nissan Titan Warrior Concept:

The interior features were built to curb the abuse caused by off -roading. Also, seats are covered in a carbon-colored, high strength fabric and decorated with bold magma orange accents. The steering wheel is custom built made out of a single block of aluminum. The interior surface materials comprise the carbon fiber, polished chrome and leather. It has also unique hot and cold drink containers, robust auxiliary toggle switches and instrument panel mounted gauges.

Nissan Titan Warrior Concept interior

Nissan Titan Warrior Concept – Engine Specs:

Nissan Titan Warrior has a 5-0 liter turbo diesel V8 engine. Its speed is approximated at a rate of 130 mph along with few seconds. It power ability is about that of 310 hp together with 555 lb- ft of torque. Hence, engine is quite effective and more powerful. It has combination hydraulic and electronically controlled variable valve timing. It also has direct injection technology that reduces engine knock and saves on fuel.

Nissan Titan Warrior Concept rear

Nissan Titan Warrior Concept – Price and Release Date:

The Nissan Titan Warrior is estimated to cost about $50,000 on the first is also valued to cost as high as $62,000. The price is are based on the fact that the Nissan Titan Warrior will reach markets outside united states in 2018. The price is also compared to the Titan layout and hard body also matches with the cost valued.


The Nissan Titan Warrior has been proved to be the best developed and attractive pickup. It’s modified custom off- road suspension make it more comfortable and effective in commercial duty and heavy is fully furnished hence emerging the most modern and SUV model, with no competitors.

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