2020 Ford F-350 7.3-liter V8 Engine Specs, Power, and Towing Capacity

The 2020 Ford F-350 is going to be the largest, the most capable heavy-duty truck by the Blue Oval company. We can consider the F-450 too big for this class. On the other hand, if you need a working truck, then check out series 5 and 6 pickups. The F-350 is still capable to finish the work and to look handsome on the streets.

The company is preparing big changes for its HD lineup. We can already see the premiere of the new lineup, both 2020 Ford F-350, and F-250 at Chicago Auto Show. But, the new styling is not the thing that impressed us the most. Fans like it, as well as the diesel specs with dually setup. But, we wanted to know more about the all-new 7.3-liter V8 engine. We already analyzed speculations about this drivetrain (read them HERE). When the company unveiled these are true, we were hoping to get the full specs sheet. But, this one is going to be available closer to the release date.

2020 Ford F-350 dually

2020 Ford F-350 7.3 Engine Specs

So, we know the heavy-duty truck is getting a new engine. But, we still don’t know precise numbers for its outputs. Also, the company announced the engine will come in pair with a ten-speed automatic gearbox. It replaces a six-pace transmission and the more gears are bringing extra pounds. According to Ford, the difference is only 3.5 pounds.

That is the official statement. But, what do rumors say? Definitely, the new, larger petrol engine is going to deliver more power and torque than the current 6.2-liter gasoline drivetrain. The F-350 counts on 385 hp and 430 lb-ft from it. From now on, the numbers could jump to 450 hp and 500+ pound-feet of twist. Experts don’t believe the company will go too far with outputs. They will try to cut some horsepower to improve the towing capacity. With the new unit, engineers will push it to 20,000 pounds.

2020 Ford F-350 7.3 engine specs and towing capacity
Towing capacity, horsepower rating, and torque level of the new 7.3 engine will be official soon

2020 Ford F-350 Diesel Specs with Dually Setup

The towing capacity of 20,000 lbs is not enough to beat the hauling capability of a turbodiesel engine for the 2020 Ford F-350. The truck continues to rely on a 6.6-liter V8 powertrain, that can make stunning 450 hp and 930 lb-ft of torque. Converted to towing capacity, that is 34,000 pounds. But, the pickup needs a special setup with dual-read wheels. This is one of the mightiest models on the market. We expect updates for its rivals. But, the Ford F-350 is going to remain the dually model to beat.

F-350 Platinum is a Premium Truck

There will be at least five different trim levels available for the new pickup truck. The 2020 Ford F-350 Platinum is going to sit at the top of the range. Well, currently that is the Limited model, which is not so certain for the future. The reason? The price tag of $82,000. Platinum also offers premium stuff but for nearly $20k less. With the average price paid for a full-size truck nearly $50,000, it makes the purchase of the F-350 Platinum a reasonable move. The package will bring a lot of unique upgrades. Of course, leather seats and steering wheel are standard, as well as the navigation. SYNC 3 infotainment system comes with the premium audio and various advanced features as the part of it.

2020 Ford F-350 Platinum


The new 2020 Ford F-350 will come with a higher price thanks to the new engine. We still don’t know if the truck is keeping the 6.2-liter petrol engine. If this one is cut, the price won’t be under $35,000 for the base model. We don’t want to spread the panic, but Ford could slap the price tag of $40k to the XL trim. Top of the range Platinum will then go over $70,000. Diesel upgrade will cost you even more.

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