2021 GMC Sierra Hybrid Release Date

If the Silverado goes hybrid, then its twin is also getting the same drivetrain. The 2021 GMC Sierra Hybrid will follow its cousin as the Sierra 1500 diesel did it with Chevy Silverado 1500 diesel. Well, the hybrid truck is still a far-fetched story for all companies. Only Ram 1500 offers some mild variant, which is not a true hybrid we expect. General Motors is working on this kind of engine and soon we could see the first concepts.

Ford already announced plans to electrify its F-150. That was the clear sign for other companies to start thinking of their units. Of course, as the archrival, GM can’t allow Ford to cement the place of F-150 as the No1 truck. So, the battle will continue. On the other hand, hybrid technology and electrification are future in the industry. Sooner or later we will see more and more vehicles with hybrid, PHEV, and EV drivetrains. The competition will speed up the process and the 2021 GMC Sierra Hybrid could arrive already next year.

2021 GMC Sierra Hybrid towing capacity

Sierra Used to be a Hybrid

This is not going to be the first time the GM is adding a hybrid engine for the Sierra 1500 truck. Back in 2004, the company launched so-called “Parallel Hybrid Truck”, or PHT. However, it never reached the popularity of today’s hybrid vehicles. On the other hand, this is a good foundation for the development of the 2021 GMC Sierra Hybrid. The old PHT had a small electric motor that didn’t make so much boost. Also, the company limited its availability. However, after a couple of years, customers were asking about the PHT and it was offered in several states.

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2021 GMC Sierra Hybrid

2021 GMC Sierra Hybrid Specs

The major question is – what will be under the hood of the hybrid truck? We hope the company will electrify one of its popular V8 units. Still, it seems like an impossible task for now. But, the industry is making progress, and nowadays we can see more and more electric vehicles, that we couldn’t imagine ten years ago. The electric engine will be there to boost fuel economy in the first place, and then the power output. However, the key is to keep towing capabilities of the truck, since that is the most important for truckers. That is why diesel engines have a brighter future in this segment. Sierra Hybrid won’t be able to match hauling capabilities of the upcoming Duramax drivetrain.

2021 GMC Sierra Hybrid specs

2021 GMC Sierra Hybrid Release Date

The new 2021 GMC Sierra Hybrid and its twin, Chevy Silverado Hybrid, will arrive next year as concepts. We can follow news about both vehicles knowing these will use the same drivetrain. However, production is not starting any time soon. We expect the official statement first. The Sierra and Silverado hybrids are the logical outcomes after Ford announced the electrification of the F-150. The Blue Oval company is also investing in other hybrids, so it is just a matter of time when we will see the best-selling truck in the world with the new drivetrain. Ram’s mild-hybrid is adding only 1 mpg on the open road compared to the conventional engine. So, that is not worthy of taking as a hybrid. But, in the future, we will see a more powerful system by this truck.

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