2021 Renault Alaskan Specs, Changes, Price

The partnership with Nissan and Mitsubishi made Renault explore the new segments. Their pickup truck is not something you will see every day, but the first edition is drawing a lot of attention in South America. The concept of the pickup model was presented in 2015 and two years later it was in the production. Now, the 2021 Renault Alaskan is ready for the first facelift and the company might expand the market.

Some of the novelties for the next season are already introduced. The carmaker is going to install the new suspension. The Interior is also under the revisit. We can hear that 2021 Renault Alaskan might get a hybrid engine. However, Nissan Navara and Mitsubishi L200 will definitely get it first. The base price is over €36,000 and it can go even higher with updates on the new model.

Changes for the 2021 Renault Alaskan

French carmaker got the push by its partners to build a pickup truck. However, Renault is using their own engine and we cannot miss the well-known interior touches by the French company. The styling is the first thing that makes the 2021 Renault Alaskan different from the competition. For now, the truck is available only with a Double Cab. The upcoming version will add an even bigger King Cab, while some reports are saying even the Chassis Cab is possible.

The hi-tech features won’t lack even at the base Life package. 17- and 18-inch wheels are available, while the infotainment system is going to offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. A 360-degree camera and driver aid equipment are optional. Upper trim levels are Zen and Intens. Alaskan also might get new features, but the company is not unveiling details yet. More about the interior will be known in the last quarter of 2020.


For now, only a 2.3-liter dCi diesel engine is confirmed for the 2021 Renault Alaskan. Still, buyers will have a choice between two configurations – 160 and 190 horsepower. There is a difference in torque outputs and the truck can make 405 Nm or 450 Nm (300/330 lb-ft). A greener unit should join the lineup. However, we still don’t know the plans of the French company. Oil-burners are very popular in Europe and South America, but even countries in these parts of the world are making environment-friendlier policies. For example, a 2.5-liter four-cylinder petrol drivetrain can produce 170 hp, which is more than enough for the mid-size pickup. Most base versions of US trucks are using a similar configuration, including Nissan Frontier (Navara for North America).

2021 Renault Alaskan Release Date and Prices

As said, trucks in Europe are pretty expensive. The 2021 Renault Alaskan will start around €36,000 (currently about $45,000), while the top of the class version goes up to €45,000 ($55,000). At this price, you can buy a mighty Ford F-150 Raptor. We will see all the updates on the Alaskan by the end of this year and how these are affecting the cost. The pickup should be available at dealerships early in 2021.

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