2021 Subaru Truck Release Date (Baja Comeback)

Subaru is back on the map again. The success in the SUV and crossover classes will result in the expansion of the business. Well, the 2021 Subaru truck is not quite a novelty. We still remember the Baja model. Something completely different makes this pickup attractive, including the Boxer engine. Nevertheless, the Japanese carmaker didn’t make the final decision.

There are plenty of options for the 2021 Subaru truck. Baja nameplate is one of them. The fact is – midsize segment is popular again and more companies are trying to launch their products. We saw a couple of comebacks in the past two years (Ford and Jeep). Is it time for the third company to launch the pickup truck?

2021 Subaru Truck Specs

The 2021 Subaru truck is going to share the platform with the largest SUV in the family. That is also the youngest model, launched in 2019. Still, Subaru Ascent is not riding on the ladder frame, but it uses a unibody platform. The only such truck, Honda Ridgeline, is not quite popular. Still, Subaru can take the performance to another level with its special drivetrain configurations.

Boxer engines are flat-four units, whose cylinders are mounted parallel. So, when these are working, it looks like two boxers exchanging directs. That is the fun fact, but the highlight of this setup is the low center of gravity that brings better and sportier handling. So, the Ridgeline relies on the car-like driving and the 2021 Subaru pickup will bring it to the whole new level.

A turbo-four 2.4-liter unit will be an optional engine. It creates 260 hp and sends power through a CVT gearbox. All-wheel drive is standard. Still, a naturally-aspirated powerplant will take place for the base configuration, although truckers are always seeking extra power and higher towing capacities. A 2.5-liter displacement delivers 175 horsepower, which is slightly under the levels of standard offers in the mid-size pickup class.

What is Baja Truck?

Subaru Baja lasted only for five years, but it was enough to leave a trace in the US market. Now, 15 years later, the nameplate could be back as the 2021 Subaru truck. But, the Japanese company is not confirming Baja yet.

The truck was based on the unibody platform and it was available only with a four-door cabin and all-wheel drive. Whatever name the Subaru pickup takes, this is going to be the only solution for it. Still, Baja’s main highlights were the handling and styling of a car, rather than the utility of a pickup. That is one of the reasons for discontinuation.

Baja was something different. The combination of utility and efficiency are yet to be matched. However, in modern times, truckers are looking for a high towing capacity, rather than anything else. SUVs are killing all other segments with their versatility, which include premium and comfortable interior, perfect for long trips, plus excellent fuel efficiency, and improved safety. Well, many of these vehicles can compete with mid-size trucks in towing capacities, since some of them can pull more than 8,500 pounds.

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