2023 Canoo Electric Pickup Truck

Canoo is a startup company from California. It drew interest by showing the 2023 Canoo Electric pickup truck and minivan. But, what makes us turn attention to this project, which is still far away from the production? It seems more serious than Bollinger, Nikola Badger, and Rivian at the moment. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean anything. A lot of development is still needed and Canoo needs to find funds for its projects.

Still, it is one of the rare startups that made fans believe in the electric future in the truck industry. The 2023 Canoo Electric pickup truck is not a far-fetched story anymore. Tesla delivered Cybertruck, GMC Hummer is just around the corner, and Ford is not wasting time as well. Canoo might serve as the inspiration, and even as a partner in some crazy dreams. Let’s check what’s so special about the Canoo truck.

2023 Canoo Electric Pickup Truck release date

Release Date and Price

There are a few interesting details about the 2023 Canoo Electric pickup truck. First, the company already announced it for the 2023 season. Well, the lifestyle vehicle should be out soon, and then we will get the confirmation about the seriousness of the Canoo startup. This model should cost $35,000. The pickup is going to follow the lifestyle vehicle, and the lineup will be complete once the electric minivan hits dealerships. For now, only pre-orders are available.

2023 Canoo Electric Pickup Truck interior

2023 Canoo Electric Pickup Truck Range and Towing Capacity

This is one of the biggest questions about the upcoming vehicle. According to the first details, the company plans to deliver the 2023 Canoo Electric pickup truck with a single battery and 300 horsepower. If you opt for a double motor, the power output doubles. The torque will jump from 335 lb-ft to 550 pound-feet. Nevertheless, there is no word about the towing capacity. Having in mind all the announcements by other truckmakers, the Canoo could do at least 10,000 pounds in a single haul. The range should be between 200 and 250 miles, depending on the configuration. Recharge times will be available when the company launches the pickup.

2023 Canoo Electric Pickup Truck

Platform and Accessories

The 2023 Canoo Electric pickup truck is coming out after lifestyle vehicle. After the first debut, we will be able to make bolder predictions about the features of the upcoming model. A few things are certain. All the vehicles are using the same platform. The company also announced that four packages of equipment are ready. The top of class version should be the Adventure, with increased ground clearance and more capable off-road features.

The main question is – who is going to build those vehicles? Canoo is still looking for partners. Ford is a step behind the competition, so we suppose this is one of the hottest potential partnerships we might see. General Motors won the race and its GMC Hummer will be the first one to challenge Tesla Cybertruck. The Blue Oval company is working on the F-150 Electric, but no prototypes were spotted. It means the product is not close enough. Jeep Magneto is one the way as well. The concept will serve as the base for the electrification of the Wrangler, and it is a matter of time when the Ram 1500 is getting the same architecture.

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