2023 Ram 3500: Thinks You Need to Know Before Buying It

First of all, this is an excellent choice. The 2023 Ram 3500 is definitely going to keep the pace with the competition, even if it doesn’t keep its #1 place in the market. FCA is doing a great job recently and its truck segment is flourishing. Ram 1500 leaped the Chevy Silverado as the second best-selling half-tone pickup. In the heavy-duty segment, all three big US carmakers are at the similar level, in every possible way.

The 2023 Ram 3500 can deliver 1,000 pound-feet of torque. Converted to towing capacity, buyers are getting class-leading numbers, with more than 37,000 pounds. No doubt that upgrades are going to make the 2023 Ram 3500 even more capable. One thing is pretty annoying – there is no Power Wagon package available for the Series 3 truck. Still, you will have plenty of other options to build the perfect ride.

2023 Dodge Ram 3500

2023 Ram 3500 Diesel Specs

The most capable configuration of the 2023 Ram 3500 is using a diesel engine. It is a 6.7-liter Cummins turbocharged unit with six cylinders. It reached the class-leading numbers with 1,070 lb-ft of torque and 37,000 pounds of towing capacity. Still, the downside is the transmission. An inline-six plant is mated to the AISIN gearbox. The new Allison case for the Chevy Silverado HD trucks is under the spotlight. Rumors say that FCA is considering a switch to the new system.

Petrol Engine is an Option as Well

Truckers are looking for the best towing capacities. That is why the turbodiesel is way more popular than the gasoline unit. Well, FCA is disappointing in this segment with a 6.4-liter engine. A V8 is already under the hood of some mid-size SUVs. Main rivals, Chevrolet and Ford, are using unique powertrains for the heavy-duty class. Hemi engine is downgraded for the 2023 Ram 3500 to 400 horsepower. Some configurations can squeeze 475 hp from the same unit.

2023 Ram 3500 interior

2023 Ram 3500 Power Wagon

The Power Wagon is the best configuration for the Ram 2500. Nevertheless, it was the exclusive package for the Series 2 pickup. The new 2023 Ram 3500 might upgrade the lineup with this 4×4 specialist. Special suspension, shocks, and wheels will make it pretty fun to drive off-road. Still, don’t expect the combination of this setup with the dial rear wheel configuration that maximizes the towing capacity. The Limited edition is top of the lineup version with premium equipment. Still, the Ram 3500 misses an ultimate off-road package. The Power Wagon can fix that. Besides the drivetrain, the bundle also upgrades the look of the truck, making it more distinctive and eye-catching.

2023 Ram 3500 diesel


The latest edition set some standards in the segment. The new 2023 Ram 3500 is not coming with big changes, which gives Ford and GM to react. The FCA truck is a leader in the HD segment in towing capacity and torque. Still, Ford is just behind the Ram 3500 with 36,000 pounds and 1,050 lb-ft. The Chevy Silverado 3500 is using the new Allison transmission, which is the difference-making feature. We’ll continue to follow news about Ram adopting the same gearbox.

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