2023 Dodge Rampage Truck Release Date and Price

The comeback of the 2023 Dodge Rampage is just speculation, for now. It is evident that FCA is looking to expand its presence in the truck market. After the Jeep Gladiator, the company is looking for another model that can make noise. The return of the Jeep to the pickup segment was a good move. Now, the Dodge could be next.

Still, there are a few other options. Rumors are also mentioning the Rampage with the Ram badge. Also, it seems that Dakota is in the game as well. Of course, the company could bring something new. Another question is – where would 2023 Dodge Rampage fit? It can be a mid-size truck. But then, FCA makes the competition within the company. One of the latest news is about an electric truck. It is still an unexplored segment. Plus, Dodge is causing chills among old-school drivers. They still don’t accept the evolution and the new electric technologies.

2023 Dodge Rampage Truck Release Date

Short History and New Concept

The Rampage truck was not available in the market for too long. However, we remember it because of its relation to Charger. Well, the muscle car is still available, while its conversion to the pickup didn’t work well. The vehicle lasted for only a couple of seasons, eventually being discontinued in 1984. But, an interesting concept showed up in 2006, when the company tried to revive the curiosity about the Rampage. However, this mix of the Dodge Ram truck and Charger muscle car was not accepted well. So, they dropped the idea, which is again actual.

2023 Dodge Rampage Return

Experts will say that the lack of official information makes the comeback unlikely for the 2023 season. Plus, all slots are taken. The 2023 Dodge Rampage might be out as the compact truck, a rival to Hyundai Santa Cruz and Ford Maverick. However, this is an unexplored segment. Expectations there are not too big, so the return wouldn’t be so buzzing. Another position is in the mid-size tier. Jeep Gladiator is there and it is doing well so far. So, no need to make a mess.

An electric truck seems to be a far-fetched story for the FCA. Nevertheless, they will have to do that very soon if they plan to rival Chevy and Ford trucks. The Blue Oval company confirmed they are a leading truckmaker by launching the F-150 Lightning. On the other hand, General Motors and its Hummer electric truck are still the number 1 topic in news. Meanwhile, the announcement of the Silverado EV passed almost unnoticed.

2023 Dodge Rampage concept Price


All in all, the chances to see the 2023 Dodge Rampage are very slim. There are a lot of obstacles, and only minor indications telling us the truck could be back any time soon. Still, we keep the tabs open. FCA surprised experts and enthusiasts numerous times. Now, the company is holding the No2 spot in truck sales in the US, overtaking the position from General Motors. Bosses are very ambitious and the ultimate plan is to challenge Ford for the No1 place.

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