2023 Lincoln Mark LT Rumors (Comeback)

Are you ready for the comeback of the year? Well, there are a lot of interesting models that might return, but rumors about the 2023 Lincoln Mark LT seems the most interesting. Ford, owner of Lincoln company, and the leader in the truck segment, wants to test the market with the premium pickup. They already expanded the lineup to the compact class. The new Maverick is a refreshment, for sure, but we still don’t know if the Blue Oval manufacturer is going to succeed in this segment. The Mark LT would definitely draw more attention.

The badge was in the production across two generations for nearly ten years. The truck market faced big challenges and the company had to discontinue the Mark LT. It was not the only collateral damage of the SUV range expansion. The versatility of new breed killed many other tiers. Luckily, the trucks survived. Not only that, but the market is reviving. But, working capability is the only thing that helped pickups not become a history. The 2023 Lincoln Mark LT is more of a truck, that will try to combine utility and luxury. We already have many SUVs closing the gap between those two. So, it will be a big challenge for the Ford and Lincoln to succeed in the totally new world.

2023 Lincoln Mark LT comeback

2023 Lincoln Mark LT Pros and Cons

Experts are not confident about the 2023 Lincoln Mark LT. The truck would be something new, but its premium nature would increase the price and make a purchase less interesting. Truckers are willing to spend extra to their rides. For example, in the past few years, average price paid for a pickup was between $45,000 and $50,000. So, buyers add at least $15k to the base configuration. But, those upgrades are mostly making the work easier, or money is being spent into engine and performance boost.

Also, Ford is keeping the F-150 as the No1 vehicle in the entire lineup. This is the flagship and the first model that introduces most of the advanced options. So, we have a new Raptor R with a supercharged V8 engine, Lighting electric truck… and the Limited package whose price is $90,000. It is the top of the range version for those who want to show up. The Lincoln truck could offer some unique styling, but the performance and towing capabilities would be the same.

2023 Lincoln Mark LT

What Engine is Perfect for 2023 Lincoln Mark LT

A wide range of powertrains is available for the 2023 Lincoln Mark LT. Since it is a premium truck, we will cut small displacements. Everything needs to be bigger for the Lincoln. For example, the Mark LT can get the same engine as the Navigator SUV. That is a 3.5-liter turbo-six with 450 hp and 510 lb-ft of torque. Or, the company might go with a V8, but it is not likely to happen. A dream option is to see the luxury pickup with the high-end option. That is a supercharged V8. The Mark LT would become a rival to Ram TRX, but with a more expensive gear. Nevertheless, such a configuration would cost $150,000.


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