6.7 Liter PowerStroke Diesel

The 6.7 Liter PowerStroke Diesel engine is one of those engines that the Ford team designed, engineered and produced in-house. Also known as the Scorpion during the early developmental stages, it comes with a high-pressure fuel system. This system includes piezo fuel injectors and 30,000 psi rail pressure and it also gives you tremendous torque even at low speed, thanks to its dual boost variable geometry turbo.

Higher compatibility:

Generally, Ford comes up with its Power Stroke engine in partnership with International Navistar. However, since this time, everything has been done by Ford alone. It has given the company a competitive edge, by allowing it to design a product that is more compatible with its vehicles. There was uncertainty for sure, given that doing all this alone, can be a challenging task for a company. Furthermore, the Ford seems to have done a good job.

Overall result:

When it comes to the reliability of the engine, it ticks off all the boxes like performance, reliability and longevity. The fact that it has turned out to be a successful engine is substantiated by the 5,00,000 engines that were sold in the first three years itself. However, buyers will have to use the Diesel exhaust fluid for the life of the vehicle as it uses SCR technology so that it can control the NOx emissions. This is not a big issue as this is common with all the diesel trucks manufactured post-2010. So they’ll have to use it for all OEMs.

6.7 Liter PowerStroke Diesel horsepower details:

The dimensions of the bore and stroke are 3.9 inches and 4.25 inches. It has a volume of 6.7 liters, as specified, or 409 cubic inches. Furthermore, this is the traditional dimensions in the United States of America. While the horsepower rating in 2015 jumped from 400 to 440 horsepower, it reached a whopping 860 pound-foot.

Construction of the 6.7 Liter PowerStroke Diesel engine:

The engine block is made of graphite iron (CGI). Furthermore, it is very famous for its strength and lighter weight when compared to the engines with the traditional cast iron block. In order to come up with an engine that weighs less as well, the head of the engine comes in aluminum. There are 2 intake and exhaust overhead valves. In the valve train of every cylinder and the engine employs the age-old pushrod strategy.

What makes it better?

It’s a strikingly different engine, so it was obvious for people to express their concerns over this engine. However, the use of the turbocharger and the CGI block is how this engine has helped push the diesel engine technology and convince the doubters that it is as good as they can possibly imagine and does not compromise on the performance and fuel efficiency either. Another big change has been the fuel injection system that has improved the way this engine works.

This engine, manufactured by Ford, has certainly heated up the competition. However, Ford’s competitors now have higher standards to meet in the light to the medium truck segment.

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  1. I just purchased the 2021 Ford F-250 Powerstroke King Ranch truck yesterday. My question is, what size fuel tank comes with this truck? Thank you


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