Ford F-150 Is Still the Best-Selling Vehicle in the World!

The sales numbers confirm – the Ford F-150 is the best-selling vehicle in the market (for 36 years precisely). Only in the US, the Blue Oval company sells nearly 1 million units. Nearly – not for too long. With changes announced for future, we believe the F-150 pickup truck will hit the seven-digit sales already next season.

Novelties for 2020 season are hybrid and performance-oriented trucks. In the future, the F-150 will cement the place with an all-electric version. The race has started. The question is which US company will do it first – Tesla with Model T, Rivian R1T, or Ford F-150 Electric truck.

Ford F-150

Ford F-150 Dominates on Market in 2019

In the first two quarters of 2019, no other pickup can challenge the sales of the Ford F-150. Ram 1500 became the second-best-selling truck, but with 300,000 units, it is not even close to F-150 (450,000). Well, the Blue Oval carmaker is not keeping the pace that will lead them to the goal (1 million sales). Also, in June, Ram 1500 managed to get closer on charts, with 68k sales, compared to 70k sold F-150 trucks.

By the end of the year, Ford will make some changes to increase the record. A dream is still possible to fulfill with different discounts. But, Ford will wait patiently, since the raise of FCA and Ram 1500 is not good enough to threaten its No1 place on charts.

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Hybrid Truck Arrives in 2020, EV in 2021

The big electrification plan is coming to the production versions. Ford already launched PHEV models of Explorer and Lincoln Aviator SUV. The next on the list is the big vehicle. The Ford F-150 will have the priority over full-size SUVs. We still don’t have precise details, but chiefs already confirmed they are working on the electric truck, which will get a hybrid version first.

Tesla is stealing the show in this segment. However, the stocks of Rivian company are raising, and even Ford invested in their electric cars. Recently, we could see the R1T concept and it seems like a near-production model. Still, we can’t exclude Ford F-150, since the company already spent a large share of $15 billion for electrification. A fully-electric truck’s release date is just a matter of time.

Ford F-150 electric

Ford F-150 Diesel and Other Specs, New Engine for 2021

One of the main strengths of the Ford F-150 is engine versatility. The full-size truck is only missing an electric drivetrain. Besides that, we can find everything else – V6 naturally-aspirated, turbocharged, and featuring a twin-turbo system, a V8, and a diesel drivetrain. Whatever you need, Ford will offer. Even more.

The latest addition is a Powerstroke diesel. But, the company plans the new unit. It is not going to be a 7.3-liter, but the V8 is a possibility. A 4.8-liter displacement will be capable to deliver 420 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque and the F-150 should get it in 2021, according to Motor1. Spy photos are unveiling test mules, but we can’t prove what is under the hood. One thing is safe to say – in 2020 or 2021, Ford will achieve 1 million sales of its most popular vehicle.

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