2021 Ford Super Chief Debut, or Another Delay?

The Blue Oval company is full of interesting ideas for the next season. The carmaker is likely to update the Raptor lineup, with a V8 engine for the full-size F-150, and the mid-size Ranger also getting the same package. There are also far-fetched concepts, such as electric truck, or the 2021 Ford Super Chief. This project is quite old nowadays, but it is still out of reach, even for the Blue Oval truckmaker.

It’s been nearly 15 years since the concept debuted. The platform was futuristic then, and it is still now. The tri-fuel idea is still impossible to pull out. Whatsoever, the latest reports are showing the intention of modifying the original project into something more realistic. The 2021 Ford Super Chief might make a spectacular premiere if the Covic-19 doesn’t delay or cancel the NAIAS this June.

2021 Ford Super Chief concept

2021 Ford Super Chief Concept

The 2021 Ford Super Chief will be based on the Super Duty segment. Initially, the truck should be a version of the F-250, but the most recent news inform that F-350 is a new role model. Either way, the more important thing is the tri-fuel concept that should lead to the better performance and fuel economy. The truck should be able to consume gasoline, ethanol E-85, and hydrogen. Interestingly, drivers will switch between fuels in motion.

The most interesting system is the one with a hydrogen cell. In 14 years, we haven’t seen any vehicle with such powertrain in production. Ford invested a lot of money into the development of new systems recently and we hope some funds were for the Super Chief development.  

2021 Ford Super Chief interior


We know a few things about the truck. Well, the intention in 2006 was to deliver a pickup with a V10 engine and 550 hp, 400 lb-ft of torque, and a range of 500 miles. Well, a lot of things are different now. We went through an economic crisis, and many vehicles saw discontinuation. The outputs of the concept are still magnificent, but also unrealistic. All-electric models are able to run 300 miles, but with a single drivetrain. Some petrol engines are already way above 550 horsepower.

2021 Ford Super Chief release date

Could 2021 Ford Super Chief Debut at NAIAS?

At this moment, it is hard to say if the show is going to be held. The Covid-19 situation is escalating and many major happenings are already canceled or delayed. Safety comes first and nothing is more important than people’s health.

Now, even if Detroit Auto Show is held, the 2021 Ford Super Chief is hardly to appear there. If this one was intended to get into production, or serious consideration, test mules would be already on streets. But, even as the platform, it is going to be huge news for the future. The comeback of the tri-fuel system will be on the map again. Still, we don’t believe it will head into production any time soon. Ford is more focused on the hybrid and all-electric trucks before goes back to the hydrogen source of power.

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