2021 Lexus Truck Latest Rumors

It is not a joke. The 2021 Lexus Truck could really happen after the latest reports from the Japanese company. Lexus is trying to trademark the LX600 nameplate. According to previous knowledge, it can mean two things – the new SUV will either get a 600-hp rated engine or a 6.0 displacement. However, further speculations say the new drivetrain could power the truck. 

Lexus’ parent company is one of the leaders in the segment. Toyota is in the US market with full-size Tundra and mid-size Tacoma. In other markets, Hilux is one of the best-selling pickups. Now, the manufacturer wants to expand the lineup to the luxury class. Its subsidiary is a perfect choice since we see crossovers and SUVs with proven qualities. The new 2021 Lexus Truck won’t lack premium features or muscles.

2021 Lexus truck

2021 Lexus Truck New Engine

Recently, we wrote about another move by Toyota. The carmaker wants to trademark I-Force Max, which could be the new drivetrain for its truck. Tundra is first on our minds. Furthermore, experts found a connection with the Lexus LX600 nameplate as well. So, the I-Force might be a solution for Toyota and Lexus, although we still don’t know too many things about it.

Either way, the 2021 Lexus Truck will have an option. The drivetrain will depend on the size of a pickup. If the upcoming model is a mid-size version, then one of the existing Tacoma’s units will be under its hood. The most likely mill is a 4.0-liter V6. A huge displacement is not too powerful but brings exceptional capabilities. On the other hand, if the Lexus Truck grows, Tundra can borrow a 5.7-liter V8 with 380 hp and 400 lb-ft. If this is too much, a 4.6-liter V8 is another possibility. This one is already used by GX460 SUV, which heads into a new generation.

2021 Lexus Truck Release Date and Price

The 2021 Lexus Truck might not be available in dealerships next year. We need to see its premiere before the sales start. It is probably late for a debut in 2020 because of the COVID-19 sudden occurrence. So, we need to wait a bit longer to get more info about the luxury truck. The price of the pickup will exceed all the existing versions. It also depends on the size. Mid-size models go up to $50,000, while the most expensive full-size pickups are over $70k. Lexus will sit above both these marks, that is for sure. Still, we will see further options, such as hybrid or F Sport trims.

2021 Lexus truck release date


The interest in mid-size class is growing and makes it one of the hottest in the market. However, the luxury segment is not so popular. So, companies are not exploring these options because of the questionable profit. Still, Americans love to spend on trucks. The average price paid is over $45,000. But, they are seeking for versatility, including towing capacity, not the luxury. So, the 2021 Lexus Truck won’t have too many rivals. High-end models of Ford F-150 (Limited) or Chevy Silverado1500 (High Country) will be the only threat. However, Audi and BMW are planning to launch their trucks, and Cadillac might bring back Escalade EXT.

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