2023 GMC Sierra 3500 Review: Denali, Diesel, AT4

Sometimes we forget how cool the 2023 GMC Sierra 3500 HD truck can be. Well, it is a mechanical twin of the Silverado 3500, meaning the capacities are the same. General Motors is a leader in towing capacity among heavy-duty trucks thanks to the combination of Duramax diesel engine and Allison transmission. Still, that is not all, since the 2023 Sierra 3500 is also going to offer a petrol engine and various other upgrades.

For the upcoming season there won’t be huge moves. The truck was updated recently and only minor changes are about to be introduced. The AT4x is one of the possibilities. The new package should improve off-road capabilities. At the top of the range will still be the premium Denali version. The 2023 GMC Sierra 3500 is sitting above the competition in the base form, with more features available and more quality materials used in the cabin.

2023 GMC Sierra 3500 36000 lbs

2023 GMC Sierra 3500 Diesel Specs

The 2023 GMC Sierra 3500 diesel is definitely under the spotlight because of its capabilities. A 6.6-liter V8 Duramax TD drivetrain is mighty. Properly equipped, the truck can haul up to 36,000 pounds, which is more than any other series 3 HD model (Ram 3500 and Ford F-350). Nevertheless, compared to the competition, the engine creates less power and torque – 440 hp and 910 lb-ft. But, it is not an obstacle to making the best output when it comes to the towing capacity. We also must mention Allison transmission. The company recently updated the setup and it led to significant improvements. We can also find rumors that Ram HD trucks might get this gearbox as the replacement for the AISIN system.

2023 GMC Sierra 3500 diesel

Petrol Engine

Besides the diesel unit, the 2023 Sierra 3500 will also offer a 6.6-liter gasoline engine. It replaces a 6.0-liter mill as a response to the new drivetrain for the Ford F-350. Still, this is not a favorite option for most truckers. Nothing can be compared to the towing capacity of a turbodiesel V8. Nevertheless, a petrol configuration can haul up to 20,000 pounds, and it is not a bad result. Also, the gasoline engine is cheaper to maintain. A 6-speed auto transmission is paired with a gasoline unit.

2023 GMC Sierra 3500

2023 GMC Sierra 3500 Denali and AT4

Definitely, those are some of the best-known packages in the HD segment. The 2023 GMC Sierra 3500 is going to offer both luxury and off-road features through Denali and AT4 models. The first one is top of the range version for most GMC vehicles. High-end options, such as MultiPro tailgate and Trailering camera system are available, as well as plenty of other options. On the other hand, the Sierra AT4 is an off-road specialist, with unique accessories, such as skid plates, special shocks and suspension, and all-terrain tires… You will have fun driving it on any kind of surface. For the new season, the company could improve it and present it as the AT4x package. This one is debuting on the compact Canyon, and fans accept it well, be sure that all other vehicles with the AT4 model will go the same way as the small pickup.

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