Is it Time for the 2023 Lexus Truck?

Lexus is the best-selling premium brand in the US. The parent company is Toyota, one of the leaders in the pickup segment. Add those two and it is not hard to get the point – the 2023 Lexus truck is the model fans will definitely like to see. A styling of the high-end branch, plus the functionality and practicality of standard pickups, and the truck can close the gap between utility and luxury.

The company is not announcing the 2023 Lexus truck yet. Still, we have the first renderings. So, a lot of things are missing. The pickup is just a rumor without a real foundation. But, the launch is not going to surprise experts, knowing what Lexus and Toyota can do.

2023 Lexus Truck concept

2023 Lexus Truck Specs

The engine for the 2023 Lexus truck heavily depends on the size of the vehicle. Still, the Japanese company is ready for any challenge. If the pickup gets to the mid-size class, then a naturally-aspirated V6 is a perfect solution. Even a turbo-four might be available. On the other hand, being a luxury truck, means everything should be on the higher level. A hybrid configuration is also a potential upgrade. If the Lexus pickup debuts in the half-ton class, it means the vehicle is going to share the drivetrain with the closest sibling, Toyota Tundra. The new I-Force engine is there. Again, the premium model will get the best from the system, meaning I-Force Max should be the setup for the Lexus truck. The powerplant is good for at least 450 horsepower, which will be enough for the Lexus truck.


Styling and Premium Options

While the engine is going to be taken from Toyota, the design language is coming from Lexus people. Recently, the company launched the new LX SUV and it can serve as a good base for renders and further upgrades. The front fascia is something special on every model by the Japanese manufacturer. The back of the 2023 Lexus truck will feature the styling and bed of Toyota Tundra or Tacoma, depending on the size.

The cabin will probably be available only in the Crew Cab variant. We doubt truckers would be interested in the two-door layout. Inside, every Lexus is full of advanced features and technologies. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will be part of the standard equipment. Leather seats come along with luxury offer. We’ll see if there are plans of launching the F Sport model. That means a more aggressive approach and a better handling. Well, the 2023 Lexus truck will need a better utility, while the luxury is not in doubt.

2023 Lexus Truck

2023 Lexus Truck: Verdict

We are not close to the launch date of the premium pickup. The company is silent about plans. However, it is unlikely to see the 2023 Lexus Truck so soon. Maybe in 2024 or 2025. Nevertheless, interest in premium pickups is not too high, so this model is not a priority at the moment. Toyota will rather work on a hybrid truck, or even the all-electric pickup, if some funds can be saved from the SUV segment.

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