2021 Volvo Pickup Truck That Will Never Happen

There were small hints that the 2021 Volvo Pickup Truck might happen. But, because of the current situation, lack of evidence, and safety issues, we don’t believe it is going to happen any time soon. A human is the most important. Safety is not easy to achieve in the pickup segment. This might be the stumbling block of the entire experiment. However, Volvo seems to be cooled off from the idea of building a pickup truck.

Instead, the company focuses on the segment where it achieves great numbers. The XC100 is about to become the largest SUV in the lineup, while on the other hand, we are going to find XC20. Plus, more electric drivetrains are on the way, turning existing units into EVs. Well, the 2021 Volvo Pickup Truck might get an electric battery.

All in all, there are a lot of cons and very few pros for the 2021 Volvo Pickup Truck. Here are some of them.

2021 Volvo Pickup Truck price

Pros: Lack of Competition

With reason. However, the 2021 Volvo Pickup Truck will be the true premium model. We can say that Denali versions of GMC trucks might be rivals. However, most companies are using subsidiaries to launch luxury models. GM has Cadillac, Ford has Lincoln, Toyota has Lexus, Nissan has Infiniti. But, none of the leading truckmakers is producing a premium pickup. Volvo, with some groundbreaking technology, might rattle things up.

Cons: Safety is an Issue

For more than 100 years, Volvo is in the automotive market. Their safety records are amazing. With reason. The company centers the focus around drivers and passengers. Then, all other things come. But, it is not as simple as that to deliver the highest safety ratings for pickup trucks. The body of such a vehicle is not absorbing energy like it is with cars or SUVs. No matter which technology they use, trucks won’t be as safe as XC90 or XC60.

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2021 Volvo Pickup Truck

Pros: Electric Truck

Tesla recently introduced the first electric pickup truck. It is a matter of time when will other companies do the same. GM announced the 2022 Hummer. But, if we take a look at other vehicles, it is obvious that Volvo is one of the favorites, although bosses are not bragging about it. There are PHEV configurations even at the mid-size class. The next step is full electrification. Plus, the Swedish company is working on Level 4 autonomous drive. It will be the perfect fit for the electric truck.

Cons: Hefty Price

Well, the price is one of the main reasons why there are no luxury pickups. Truckers are willing to pay extra, but only if that is going to help them with their work. Otherwise, if they are looking for luxurious features, they will choose sedans or SUVs, where there is more space for passengers. Even if it happens, the 2021 Volvo Pickup Truck is not going to cost below $40,000. The average price paid for a pickup in 2019 was about $45,000. But, for that amount of money, you can invest in a full-size version with a nice amount of equipment, or in off-road specialists, Chevy Colorado ZR2 or Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro.

3 thoughts on “2021 Volvo Pickup Truck That Will Never Happen”

  1. From my perspective of current and past Volvo’s that I have owned; manufacturing a pickup truck for the US market is a must! I would place my oder today if they were accepting orders, as their trucks would be no competition with Chevrolet, GMC, Ford, Dodge, Nissan or Honda.

    As mentioned in the Cons: Safety is an Issue; safety is number one with Volvo, however the would build a truck that would last for 200k miles if not more. Take a look at the mechanical and cosmetic longevity from Ford and Chevrolet within the last 20 years. Chevrolet has and will continue to have severe issues with paint peeling from their Vans and Trucks. Yes there will always be the person that will buy and drive a Chevrolet that looks like it has skin cancer. Not me! But I guess I am not normal as I wash my vehicles every two weeks or as needed, and I hand wax them 2-3 times per year. On the mechanical side; transmission and engine issues will continue to plague Ford and Chevrolet on their trucks as they calculate a life cycle of no more that 150k.

    Bottom Line: I am eagerly waiting on Volvo to build at Full Size Sport truck!

    • Absolutely! I would love to see a Volvo 1 tone diesel pickup. Ford, GM, and Dodge all over $70k. Volvo has the technology if they can build big rigs and heavy equipment a full size pickup would no problem for them and I would be ordering one today!


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