2023 Volvo Pickup Truck Concept

We are exploring new ideas about the 2023 Volvo pickup truck. The company is a leading truckmaker in the heavy-duty section thanks to the VN series. However, we are yet to see the pickup truck from the Swedish manufacturer. There are no too many rumors, although fans and experts believe there could be something on the way soon.

We can give a lot more cons than pros. First of all, the company is looking to electrify the entire lineup. An electric 2023 Volvo pickup truck is not an option, since the new season is just around the corner. But, some concepts could appear in the next few months, and the EV become a reality in 2024 or 2025. If there is a company that can get on the line with Tesla, that is the Swedish carmaker.

Still, US truckers still believe in engines with internal combustion. Volvo is making that environmental-friendlier. Higher towing capacities bring higher pollution. This is the stumbling block for Volvo since their priority is cleaner drivetrain systems. That is why Volvo doesn’t make a pickup truck yet.

2023 Volvo Pickup Truck Concept


It’s been a few years since the last rendering was released by fans. It looks like they don’t believe in the 2023 Volvo pickup truck. Still, we need to keep the tabs open. The new XC90 is on the way. Some truckers believe its fresh architecture can offer the base for the pickup. The size fits and Volvo can debut with a mid-size model. What’s more, the XC100 nameplate is also being mentioned. But, nobody knows what it is exactly. We hope that pickup truck could make a stunning debut with this badge. Anyway, we are running out of time and all fans might see in 2023 should be just a concept.


Volvo is using a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine in all its vehicles in the US. For the 2023 Volvo pickup truck, this unit needs to put out the best performance to be competitive. Well, the T8 PHEV system is pretty mighty. The XC90 SUV with this configuration can tow 5,000 pounds. It wouldn’t be a bad result for the 2023 Volvo pickup either. Total power output is 400 hp, while the torque is 482 lb-ft. The big SUV also uses non-hybrid setups. But, the four-banger can tow only 4,000 pounds. This is definitely not impressive number for the truck.

Of course, there is an option to see the 2023 Volvo pickup truck as an all-electric model. It is something we expect from the Swedish company. The concept could be turned into the production model pretty soon. But, for 2023, it is too late now.

2023 Volvo Pickup Truck

2023 Volvo Pickup Truck Release Date

The biggest stumbling block for the 2023 Volvo pickup is the premium nature. Truckers in the US are willing to pay extra, but to get a more powerful working machine, rather than the luxury vehicle. That is the main reason why other companies are avoiding this segment. Otherwise, Lincoln Mark LT and Cadillac Escalade EXT would still be there, while BMW and Lexus wouldn’t wait so much with their trucks.

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